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Innovative Hair Loss Solutions: Hair Loss Treatment & Hair Regrowth

Innovative Hair Loss Solutions: Hair Loss Treatment & Hair Regrowth

Donald Trump’s sandy colored hair – haven’t you noticed them yet? It is one of the most famous barnets in the world – yet also one of the most puzzling. But, now that the secret has been revealed; he has taken help of advanced technology in hair loss treatment - innovations in hair loss segment have given a hope to the millions. Not only President Trump, former professional footballer David Beckham and a very well known cricketer, whom we call as ‘dada’ Sourav Ganguly had accepted the fact that – even if hair loss is inevitable, it can be cured if taken the right step at the right time.

So, the first step to deal with the fact that you're balding is to accept it; and second is to educate yourself about different ways of treating it. In this article, read about innovative hair loss solutions available and how would you select a right treatment for you.

Innovative Hair Loss Solutions

GroHair - Non-invasive treatment for hair fall control and re-growth 

GroHair is based on a 2003 Nobel prize winning idea, and it was picked up from there. It is a French technology that is very effective for the second spectrum of patients. GroHair is for those who have been losing hair for a while, are still losing hair and also looking for some re-growth. This is the only hair fall treatment which is non-invasive and works very well. It vitalizes and nourishes the hair follicle and gives good results.

Stem Cell Therapy - Treatment promoting new hair growth 

The therapy works on stem cells that can possibly promote new hair growth within 6 weeks of treatment. The good part is that there is minimal or no pain and the treatment is without side-effects. It restores cellular multiplication, cellular growth by improving blood circulation. It restores the hair follicles to the original size and minimises hair thinning. Stem cell really will help those between grade four and grade six, so if you have lost all the hair on the scalp and only the horseshoe is left, it might not help you. However, if you still have some hair on your head, stem cell can definitely be suitable for your hair loss.

Quick Hair - Lost all the hair? Want some quick hair? Try this Hair Loss Treatment

Quick Hair is exactly what it sounds like. It is quick hair. These are really modern day wigs, with a difference. Here, your hair is taken, matched with natural hair that matches and resembles your hair, and then the hair is put onto a membrane. That membrane is measured to fit your scalp and the wig or the Quick Hair is then attached to your scalp. It is glued onto your scalp. With it, you can swim, you can run, you can dance in the wind, you can dance in the rain. You don’t have to remove it every evening. You have to come back once in 40 days to re-attach the Quick hair again.

For patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, Quick Hair is a very good answer. For people who are in the last grade of baldness where really no other treatment can help you because you have lost so much hair, Quick Hair is a very good answer.    

Instant hair - Heard of instant noodles? We tell you about instant hair

With Instant hair, within 30 seconds or 1 minute, you get an appearance of a full head with hair. It is a powder, that is, Instant hair fibre. These are electromagnetically charged fibres that attach themselves to your hair. So, if you don’t have any hair on your head, this treatment is not for you. But for grade two, three, four, five, six, it is excellent. (Click to know: Different stages/grades of hair loss). You just need to part your hair and you need to apply this onto your scalp.

Hair Transplant - Surgical treatment to reverse baldness & restore natural hairline

It is a surgical procedure that reverses baldness & restores natural hairline. It is trusted & scientific approach. Hair transplantation gives absolutely natural results – you will have your own natural hair growing back again. Transplanting hair in the bald area on your head will change your appearance making you look younger. The results are permanent.

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Homeopathy for hair loss – Natural, safe and customized treatment for hair loss

Homeopathy works excellent for hair loss. It is absolutely natural and is individual medicine. So every patient is given a different medicine which is specific to him or her. It is not a one-suit-fits-all. The second USP of homeopathy is that it has no side-effects. A lot of the times the causes of hair loss are medical like stress, anaemia, thyroid, or PCOD. So homeopathy forms a treatment to address all these conditions. The underlying condition is what homeopathy identifies and treats beautifully. It helps to nourish the hair follicles; it helps to bring a mind-body balance that helps to treat the hair loss and the underlying cause.


Our doctors customize a Hair Fall or Hair Loss Treatments plan best suited to meet your expectations and your needs. Based on video-microscopic assessment of your hair and scalp, the doctors will give you a right hair care regime such as the right shampoo, conditioner, diet, chemical procedures you can or cannot do and suggest you an individualized treatment best suitable for you based on assessment of your hair. 

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