How do I hide my flaking skin?

How do I hide my flaking skin?

A 25year old newlywed friend of mine broke down and wept inconsolably discussing how ugly her skin looked. Nevertheless, she said that her husband cared the least regarding her flaking skin and told her how much he loved her and cared for her. She further described how difficult it was to get intimate with him because of how she looked. She would all the time keep worrying how to hide the scales in all the visible areas. She was also in agonizing pain as her fingers had started to bend and were swollen with cracks and mild bleeding from the cracked skin. She felt guilty about marrying her husband as she felt his life was getting upset because of her worries. She said that she had taken all possible treatments in the past 10years and with that at times the flaking completely disappeared and it seemed as if they would never appear again ever, but after a few weeks it comes back with more intensity. It is a year now that it has not settled at all. She had got married just 2 months back and said that her husband is the best person as he loved her even with all her ailments. Patiently hearing her for almost an hour and a half her last sentence of praying for her death to get rid of this problem was jittery. Since she had tried all treatments like Allopathy and Ayurvedic, I asked her to seek help from a Homeopathic doctor.

I knew a Homeopathic doctor who treated my grandparents and took my friend there for consultation. He took a detailed case history and assured her that her complaints would get better over a period of time. He called her after 15 days as her scaling was really bad. After 15days she appeared to be more relaxed as her scales had reduced and the pain in the joints too. She continued with her medicines and after 6months there was considerable improvement in her condition. She had stopped taking pain killers completely and was happy and confident. Her feeling of guilt had completely gone and her relationship with her husband was much better.

Life Situation of women suffering of Psoriasis

In Psoriasis the immune system is disturbed and deviated which causes the skin cycle in which the skin cells multiply 10 times faster than normal skin. Although the percentage of men and women suffering of psoriasis is equal, this chronic condition has more dramatic psychological effect on women. The most common complaint in women suffering of psoriasis is that they cannot enjoy life totally because of psychological and social issues brought about by their flaking skin. Their major concern is when flaking becomes visible. Women majorly suffer of depression and suicidal ideation because of Psoriasis. They are often tired of having to alter how they dress (i.e. to cover their psoriasis). Women who are diagnosed with Psoriasis also worry about their relationships. Some women are afraid of how they look to their boyfriend or spouse. Psoriasis can even impact upon intimacy and sexual relations. Psoriasis can impair a woman’s confidence and ability to form key relationships. As a result, it is critical for any woman with psoriasis to seek help for any psychological issues pertaining to her skin condition.

Homeopathy… A boon for women suffering from Psoriasis

As seen in above case, the lady had come after taking conventional treatment and after much damaging her skin as well as the finger joints. The damage caused to the skin and joints could be saved if she would resort to Homoeopathy in early stage of the disease. Homoeopathic medicine helps to stimulate body’s own healing process. Homoeopathic medicine are prepared from natural substances and are potentised which make the medicine extremely effective and absolutely free from any side-effects. With the help of Homeopathy the body’s natural healing capacity is stimulated and it restores the deviated immunity back to Normalcy. Unlike conventional medicines which are known to cause liver damage homeopathic medicine are gentle and do not damage any vital organs. Homeopathy also controls the seasonal variations of skin complaints. It helps to reduce the intensity of the complaints and Stress is very effectively treated with homeopathy.

Along with homeopathy, dietary advice on consuming good amount of vegetables and fruits, limiting intake of meat, drinking adequate water, practicing de-stressing techniques helps to accelerate the treatment efficacy. Moisturizing the skin with a cream based moisturizer should be a daily routine. Scrubbing of the skin while bathing should be avoided. Flaxseeds should be consumed daily to avoid flaking of the skin. Proteins from vegetables should be consumed adequately as the amount of skin shed is equal to the loss of proteins from the body.

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