Homoeopathy relieves acne distress safely
Homoeopathy relieves acne distress safely

Homeopathy Treatment for Acne & Case Study

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 Dr Mukesh Batra  December 15, 2021

ACNE, or pimples, is a common skin blemish, or cosmetic embarrassment. It can be treated effectively and safely with homeopathy, from the insideout. Not just on the surface, or outside of the skin.

How Homeopathy treatment helps you to get rid of Acne?

Homeopathy treats the "soil," or the "root" of one's "pimpled" distress, unlike conventional acne lotions, creams, or medications, which provide only momentary relief, aside from harmful sideeffects. Put simply, homeopathic treatment addresses the "source" of acne, with each individual, instead of merely masking the external symptoms of the problem.

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Case Study of Homeopathy Treatment For Acne

Rachel (18) suffered from acne since her first periods. She had pimples all over her face, neck, and upper back. Her problem seemed to worsen after eating sweets, during summer and sweating, following a workout at the gym. When we spoke to Rachel we found that she was comfortable while breathing through her mouth - and, not her nose — during sleep.

Homoeopathy relieves acne distress safely


She loved sweets and rich, spicy foods. She also tended to break into anxiety spells, at the thought of an imaginary, or difficult, situation. Her bowel movements were sluggish. She also said that she had an explosive temper, but dreaded to be alone on the balcony or the terrace of any building during parties. This meant that she had a fear of heights. We prescribed her the homeopathic remedy, Sulphur.

After four months of treatment, her "pimpled" imperfection was gone. She also reported that her bowel movements were normal and her cravings for sweets were almost inconsequential. A homeopathic clinical study was conducted at Obitsu Sankei Hospital in Kawagoe, Japan. In the study, 60 people were enrolled to determine the effects of individualized homeopathic remedies on several common skin disorders.

These included acne, atopic dermatitis, urticaria, psoriasis, and hair loss. The treatment extended over three to 31 months. The researchers used standard practices and also the participants' assessment, improvement or otherwise, to assess outcomes. At the end of the study, six subjects reported complete recovery, 23 reported 75 percent improvement, 24 found 50 percent improvement and seven had 25 percent improvement. Overall, 88.03 percent of subjects reported medical supervision only more than 50 percent real-time progress on all parameters, without sideeffects.

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