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Homeopathy treats hair loss in women from the 'root'
Homeopathy treats hair loss in women from the 'root'

Homeopathy Treatment for Hair Loss In Women From Root

Authored by
Dr Mukesh Batra

Hair loss is not just a cosmetic disorder, it affects a woman’s self-esteem much more than it does a man’s. The very thought of hair loss can trigger intense psychological reactions among women. The causes for hair loss can be genetic, a diabetic shortfall, hormonal imbalance, or emotional stress. Hair loss can also be triggered by dandruff, cosmetics, and disorders such as psoriasis, allergic dermatitis, or eczema, of the scalp.

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Small Research on Hair Loss in women

According to a study by The Cleveland Clinic, More than 50 % of women will experience noticeable hair loss. Female-pattern hair loss (FPHL), which affects roughly one-third of all susceptible women, is the most common cause of hair loss in women.

Research suggests that hair loss may be an early, latent sign of underlying illness such as diabetes, or high blood pressure. It is, therefore, advisable to investigate such likely causes of hair loss. Common investigations should include blood sugar tests for diabetes, thyroid hormone function test for hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, hemoglobin and serum ferritin tests for iron deficiency anemia, and abdominal ultrasound for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) one of the classical triggers for hair loss in women.

Homeopathy treats hair loss in women from the root


How Homeopathy Treatment treats Hair Loss in Women

Homeopathy does not treat hair loss on the surface or the presenting symptoms, It treats the “root cause” of the problem, taking into account the individual’s unique nature, distinctive temperament, and idiosyncrasies. International studies suggest that certain homeopathic remedies, like Thuja Occidentalis and Sabal Serrulata, act as natural dihydrotestosterone (DHT)- inhibitors. DHT is a byproduct of the male hormone, testosterone, which activates hair loss. They are, therefore, evidenced to stop hair loss safely and effectively.

Medications mentioned in this blog should not be taken without the advice of a professional homeopathic practitioner. You can consult an expert from your nearest Dr Batra’s® Healthcare and obtain answers to your concerns if you have a worry or a question!

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