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Homeopathy: Holistic Way of Treating Acne

Homeopathy: Holistic Way of Treating Acne

Seventeen-year-old Mansi, an extrovert, was being slowly transformed into a reserved and depressed person, because of her acne (pimples) distress. One of her friends suggested her to take homeopathic advice for treating acne. During her first consultation at the clinic, the homeopath found that Mansi started getting her painful pimples ever since she stepped into her teenage years.

She had tried all sorts of home and other remedies with no result. She was presently on conventional (allopathic) treatment, which offered her nothing more than temporary relief. Worse still, her acne would resurface the moment she stopped taking her medicines. She was, as she said, tired of taking them and had lost all hope of sporting a ‘blemishless’ face. The scars that remained behind started to undermine her self-confidence, no less.

We explained what acne was all about to her. We also said that her ‘blemish’ was a part of the hormonal changes that occur during puberty. Most often, the body is able to adjust and overcome these changes. Sometimes, the body is not able to do so — one reason why acne may continue to persist after adolescence. We also told her that she would require constitutional homeopathic treatment to assist the body to overcome such changes.

Mansi’s case study revealed that she was fond of pastries and cakes. Interestingly, she had no real thirst for water. Her sleep was disturbed because of her growing discomfort with her acne spots. She said that her mother had also suffered from acne during her teens. Her mother, in turn, told us that Mansi, a cheerful girl, was worried about her acne and her looks and cried oft and on and depended on her and her friends to console her.

Mansi suffered from painful menses. She used to vomit and pass loose stools at times — a possible emotional upheaval. We also found that she suffered from dandruff.

We prescribed her an appropriate homeopathic medicine. She was also counselled for her depression. In a span of 4-5 months, following homeopathic treatment, the intensity and frequency of Mansi’s acne spots started to reduce, so also her menstrual distress. She soon became cheerful. She could now sleep well. Her mom was no less happy because her doting daughter’s weeping spells were now a thing of the past.

Homeopathy treats acne holistically

As seen in the above case of Mansi, acne is truly a dreadful affliction. It affects one’s appearance and undermines one’s self-esteem.

Homeopathy believes that acne is a defence process. It is the body’s internal response to fighting an intruder (e.g. bacteria). Acne, homeopathy also suggests, heals best when it is tackled from beneath the skin, from within the body.

When one’s face, for example, is affected by acne, it suggests that the body has not come to grips with the eruption through its natural healing processes.

There is also more to acne than the eruption. Yet most people succumb to the immediate temptation of applying some powerful conventional over-the-counter (OTC) external application - cream or lotion - on the troubled spot. When we do this, we are only interfering with the body’s healing patterns. In addition, we are pushing the ‘surface problem’ inwards to a deeper level.

Homeopathy offers a safer and surer way to treat acne - the use of natural homeopathic remedies made from substances that actually cause the same symptoms in large doses, but in micro-doses encourage the body’s own systems to get rid of them. Homeopathic remedies treat the internal causes of the external eruption, and uproot it. In other words, homeopathy works from inside out.

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