Homeopathy Helped Heal My Haemorrhoids

Homeopathy Helped Heal My Haemorrhoids

Lavanya had suffered from recurring episodes of piles for the past couple of years. A high stress job coupled with late nights and irregular food habits had led to many digestive problems and piles. Lavanya had tried many conventional medications for treatment of piles but somehow the problem kept reoccurring. Everyday activities such as jogging in the morning or running to catch a bus suddenly seemed impossible. On the advice of a friend, she opted for homeopathy. Homeopathy treatment for piles helped Lavanya heal and gave her lasting relief to carry on her day to day activities.

Piles is a condition in which the anal cavity tissues – haemorrhoids – become inflamed. The size of the inflammation can vary from person to person. Treatment of piles is absolutely essential as this condition is quite painful and can interfere with day to day activities. Symptoms include bleeding from the anus while passing stools, constipation, mucus in the stools, and often visible veins on the outer rim of the anus. A protruding cluster of veins can prove to be an extremely painful condition in piles.

Piles is often caused by lifestyle habits which cause the blood vessels around the inner and outer part of the anus to stretch and swell up. Habits such as sitting on the toilet seat for too long, controlling the urge to use the washroom, eating excessively oily or spicy food, irregular intercourse, dehydration, lack of dietary fibre, and a sedentary lifestyle are all known lifestyle causes of piles. Piles often occurs in pregnancy due to hormonal imbalances and is also known to run in families.

Complications Caused by Piles

Many people often avoid seeking treatment for piles due to the assumption that it is a temporary condition and the disease will go away on its own. Nothing could be further from the truth. Untreated haemorrhoids usually worsen and end up causing much physical discomfort as well as added health complications. Excessive bleeding from the anus can lead to anaemia which is a deficiency of red blood cells. Piles can also cause a fistula, diarrhoea, and faecal incontinence. Apart from these diseases, simple activities such as lifting objects, running, or sitting can cause much pain and discomfort.

Homeopathy Treatment for Piles

Conventional treatment for piles often involves surgery. The thought of a surgical procedure often makes many patients uncomfortable. Homeopathy treatment for piles is non-invasive in nature. The diagnosis involves a physical check-up and an examination of the patient’s medical history. Homeopathic treatment is natural and free from side-effects. This is especially great for people who are already under medication for other diseases. The natural composition of homeopathic medicines helps you avoid additional consumption of chemicals.

Homeopathy customizes treatment based on each person’s age, progression of disease, lifestyle, and family medical history. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Thus, healing is comprehensive and holistic in nature. Homeopathic medicines do not guarantee instant results. Rather, the prescribed treatment of piles focuses on lasting cure. Homeopathic treatment for piles is especially suitable for pregnant women as the medicines are safe and cause no unnecessary side-effects during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Tips to Avoid Swollen Haemorrhoids

Piles is a condition that can affect anyone; however, it is more common as we age. It is said that prevention is the best cure. Here are some handy tips to help you keep piles at bay.

  1. Get up and get going: Even adding 20 minutes of exercise to your daily routine can help strengthen your bowel muscles. Exercise can be as simple as taking the stairs daily or a brisk walk as soon as you wake up.
  2. Follow a balanced diet: A diet high in fibre and low on processed foods is the best one for your digestive system. Do be sure to stay hydrated with plenty of water.
  3. Do not control the urge to use the toilet: If you need to go, do not control yourself until you reach home; especially if home is several hours away. Use a public washroom and keep tissues and a sanitiser handy.
  4. Avoid scratching the area: If you are recovering from piles, try to avoid itching the affected area with your nails. If you need to relieve yourself of an itch, use a water spray. A small itch can lead to a major inflammation or bleeding.
  5. Do not use force: If you are constipated, do not force yourself to go. Eat a banana or ask your doctor for laxatives. Putting pressure while on the toilet seat increases the blood flow to the rectum and can cause your tissues to swell up painfully.

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