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Homeopathy Helped Bring My Type 1 Diabetes Under Control

Homeopathy Helped Bring My Type 1 Diabetes Under Control

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in my early twenties. Diabetes runs in my family and so, I was not too surprised. However, I follow a hectic schedule with my job and I travel a lot. This left me concerned as to how I would manage my diabetes successfully while on the go. As anyone with the condition would know, symptoms of type 1 diabetes can crop up anytime blood sugar spirals high and this can truly incapacitate a person.

Diabetes is a condition that needs to be managed every single day of your life. In type 1 diabetes, pancreas is unable to produce sufficient quantities of insulin. Due to this, glucose levels in the blood and other body fluids, such as urine, spirals quite high. This affects many aspects of health. As an immediate effect, symptoms of type 1 diabetes include sudden weight loss, frequent urination, excessive thirst, blurred vision, constant fatigue, and numbness in the hands and feet.

If the symptoms of diabetes are ignored, it can have serious repercussions on your health on the long run. Untreated diabetes can lead to eye disease, heart disease, thyroid disorders, diabetic neuropathy, and kidney failure. Diabetes can also affect one’s fertility and cause miscarriage.It is indeed a health issue that affects almost all the vital organs. As such, treatment needs to be taken immediately and seriously.

As part of my treatment, I take a certain amount of insulin each day. However, with diabetes, my overall health has really suffered. I was looking for a way to get my health and fitness back on track in order to stop feeling weak. I could barely exercise for a few minutes without feeling weak and breathless. If I exerted myself more than usual, I would start feeling dull and see spots infront of my eyes. I lost weight significantly and began looking sick. This did not reflect well at my work place.

It was then, in the midst of all my confusion, that a close friend recommended I try homeopathy as a solution to my health problems. I had noticed that he once suffered from many allergies and related health issues. However, since the past few months, his health had improved significantly and he even ran a recent marathon.Seeing his improvement, I decided to take up his advice. This was indeed a turning point in my health and one of the best decisions I have made for my overall well-being. Here is how homeopathy helped me bring my diabetes under control successfully.

  1. Provides relief from symptoms

Homeopathy medicines helped provide immense relief from the daily symptoms of diabetes such as frequent urination, hunger pangs, blurred vision, and incessant headaches. As a working individual, diabetes often got in the way of my professional duties. Homeopathy helped overcome this obstacle.

  1. Absolutely no side-effects

The first thing that motivated me to take up homeopathic type 1 diabetes treatment is that the medicines are non-toxic, non-addictive and free from side-effects. This really puts my mind at ease. Moreover, the absence of side-effects makes homeopathy a really viable option for young children who suffer from diabetes.

  1. Strengthens the immune system

What really struck me about homeopathy is the way it takes effect. Homeopathic medicines work by giving your immune system a natural boost. This helps successfully counter the various symptoms of diabetes as well as prevent any related diseases caused by the condition.

  1. No dietary restrictions

There are no dietary restrictions that accompany homeopathy medicine. You can eat anything you like as long as you maintain a healthy and a balanced diet. Homeopathy stresses on the importance of healing naturally by following an active lifestyle that involves exercise and nutritious food.

  1. A holistic approach

As soon as I began my homeopathy treatment, I noticed a significant improvement in my overall health. I fell ill less often and my resistance to seasonal allergies improved. Moreover, my skin and hair health also improved. I discovered that homeopathy takes a comprehensive approach to health care that indeed helps in the long run.

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