Why choose homeopathy for treatment of skin disorders?

Why choose homeopathy for treatment of skin disorders?

Skin Ailments
May 10, 2017

It’s rightly said that beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes ‘clean’ to the bone. In other words, you’re as good as your skin. The skin reflects not just your inner health, but also your outer well-being. It provides the link between internal illness and also turmoil on the surface - skin problems.

Most treatments for skin disorders suppress the real cause. They also aim at the surface, not in treating problems from deep within. Homeopathy, on the other hand, aims at the base; it treats the cause. It avoids suppression. It treats from ‘back to front.’

When you notice an itchy, red patch of eczema on your skin, for example, one’s first urge is to apply some conventional skin or cortisone ointment. The effect is dramatic; but, do you know that you run the risk of exchanging your skin eruption with a serious, unrelated internal disorder? For example: asthma, migraine, tummy problems. Surprised? The fact is homeopathy has always highlighted the harmful effects of suppressed skin problems.

A skin eruption, as homeopathy suggests, is a defence mechanism. It’s the body’s response to combating the invader (bacteria; germs). Skin problems heal best when they are removed from the level of the skin and out of the body. When your face, for example, is covered with rashes, everyone looks at you. The real thing is: the body has not come to terms with the eruption through its natural healing process. When you apply a powerful cream, you interfere with its healing processes. You also push the surface trouble inwards — to a more dangerous level.


  1. Cleanse: Wash with a mild, gentle soap; rinse; and, pat dry
  2. Tone: For dry skin, use a mild freshener-toner. For oily skin, use a good natural/herbal preparation
  3. Moisturise: Use a mild moisturiser to keep your skin soft and supple.



Homeopathic clinicians have always underlined the fact that dermatitis [eczema], psoriasis, acne [pimples], and warts, among others, are expressions of an underlying disorder in the body’s in-built control mechanism. For example, when eczema is suppressed, there’s often a flare-up of asthma symptoms. Homeopathy also espouses that there’s a better method — the use of natural homeopathic medicines made from substances that actually cause skin symptoms in large doses, but in homeopathic micro-doses stimulate the body’s own defences to get rid of that illness, or disorder. In simple terms, homeopathy uses internal medicines to treat the external skin ‘revolt.’

Homeopathy also suggests that all of a given patient’s symptoms are interrelated.  For instance, skin rashes may present as raised, red elevations; they could be awfully itchy. Homeopathy does not use the same medicine to treat two such cases. For rashes made worse by heat and better by cold applications, it used a medicine that is most suitable for the condition; for opposite symptoms, it prescribes another that conforms to the given patient’s symptoms.


Unlike conventional medications, homeopathic medicines work with the body’s own healing agents. They act naturally. Besides, they reduce the healing time and also prevent future recurrences. Whatever the type of skin problem, it’s always fitting and imperative to seek professional homeopathic treatment. The reason being, there may be more than a dozen closely-related remedies for each condition. Also, each remedy needs to be chosen to match one’s unique, individual symptoms.

Looking for a safe, effective, long-lasting outcome or tangible freedom from skin problems? Think of healing skin disorders with homeopathy — the safe, effective, holistic a holistic therapy that treats both the cause and effect.

Most important. Follow-up with your homeopathic doctor, on a regular basis.

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