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Backache [back pain] is as common as the common cold. It affects 5 out of 6 people, some time in their life.


Pain with tingling, or burning, sensation in your back. Or, dull, aching and/or sharp pain, accompanied by weakness in the legs, or feet.

The pain in your back is caused, or felt, when you —

  • Lift a heavy object
  • Move suddenly, or quickly
  • Sit in a particular position for long hours
  • Suffer from injury — a fall, or accident.

A typical symptom of backache is usually felt in the lower back. This may manifest itself from the spine, muscle, nerve, or other structures in the back. Sometimes, the pain may radiate — from your low, mid- or upper-back.


Nearly 75-80 per cent of us experience some form of backache during our lifetime. This can occur while walking up the stairs, lifting a bag, or even watching TV. The back pain can get worse in 24 hours.

Most backaches happen at work; or, while lifting, bending, twisting, or driving [whole body vibration]. Other causes may include bad posture, or pregnancy, or if you are over age 30, smoke and/or are obese [overweight]. The chances increase, if you don’t exercise.

  • Medical conditions can also cause backache — viz., arthritis [bone joint disease], bladder infection, kidney stone, ovarian cyst, or cancer, and twisted [torsion] testicles
  • People with a low pain threshold and/or individuals who feel stressed or depressed far too often, present with backache.

The bad news is about 2-4 per cent of backache cases may require surgery.

The good news is 98 per cent of backache patients get better with professional medical treatment and specialist homeopathic care, and supportive physiotherapy — without side-effects.


Homeopathy medicines for backache is best prescribed when the individual with backache is able to describe the exact location, the precise nature of pain, sensation, if any, pattern or distribution of pain, or what makes it better or worse.

The more details one gives, or explains, the easier it will be for the professional homeopathic doctor to finding out the most suitable homeopathic medicine that accurately ‘fits’ the person’s unique back pain symptom-picture.

There are other factors too that the individual should report for better homeopathic treatment outcomes — such as the first time the backache began, changes in body temperature etc., — whether they ‘feel’ cold, or warm — including their thirst, sleep, psychological and emotional patterns.

It would be useful, no less, for the individual to communicate what makes the back pain worse, rather than better, since most homeopathic medicines for back pain have it in their action profile more ‘worse’ than ‘better’ symptoms.

When your homeopathic doctor chooses a remedy that suitably matches with one’s distinctive symptoms of backache, whether acute [backache with sudden onset] or chronic [long-standing backache], it stimulates the body’s healing processes — with good effect.

In a clinical study, a group of people suffering from chronic low backache were treated for two months, either by homeopathic medicines, or standardised physiotherapy.

The study’s assessment, based on initial and final clinical investigations, and Oswestry questionnaire [pain scale analyses], found that the most successful method of treatment was homeopathy.


  • Prevent backache by maintaining a healthy weight, and follow your homeopathic doctor-approved back exercise programme
  • Adopt proper posture at work; use an ergonomically-friendly chair
  • Keep your computer screen in alignment with the level of your eyes; take ‘short walks,’ from your desk, and go fill your water bottle, at the workplace
  • When you want to lift something, always bend your knees and lift them, rather than overstretch.
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