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Say Goodbye to Female Pattern Baldness with Homeopathy

Malvika had been suffering from severe hair loss for many years. While baldness ran in her family, being a woman, she did not expect the condition to affect her. However, in her twenties, she began suffering from hypothyroidism which in turn led to hair loss. While her thyroid problems came under control, her hair loss did not seem to reduce. Now at the age of 31 years with a receding hairline, she decided it was time to seek treatment for female pattern baldness.

Female pattern baldness is becoming an increasingly common condition among young women living in urban areas across the world. Female baldness differs in many ways from male baldness. Hair loss and resulting baldness can prove to be a traumatic experience for women. Therefore, it is important to seek timely female hair loss treatments. Let’s understand what causes female baldness and explore the best alternatives to control this hair condition.

Baldness Is Not a Male Condition Alone

A common myth exists that only men can go bald. This alone often stops many women from seeking timely treatment for female pattern baldness. Hair growth and loss pattern depends a great deal on one’s genes as well as underlying health factors. Moreover, like any other disease, timely treatment of severe hair loss can prevent the descent into baldness.

Women often have longer tresses than men and thus, hair loss can seem confusing. Exactly how much is too much? Experts say that losing anywhere between 50 to 100 strands of hair a day is considered as normal. However, it is practically impossible to count each strand of hair that falls. A simpler way is to judge three things: has your hair loss increased as compared to before, has your hair volume reduced significantly, and do you notice a wider centre parting in your hair while combing? If the answer to any one or more of these is a yes, you definitely need to seek treatment for female pattern baldness.

Common Causes of Female Baldness

Causes of female baldness vary from person to person. In some cases, there are multiple reasons that cause severe hair loss. Here are the four most common causes of female baldness. 

  1. In the genes: Known as androgenetic alopecia, genetic hair loss is the most common cause of female pattern baldness. Most women overlook this cause; however, it is responsible for female baldness in most cases.
  2. Illness: Thyroid disorders, anaemia (iron deficiency), and scalp psoriasis can cause hair loss. Hair loss also occurs in more serious health conditions such as cancer and in patients recovering from surgery trauma. Pregnancy and menopause can cause hair loss due to intense fluctuation of hormones.
  3. Excessive styling: An excessive influx of chemicals on the hair and scalp do more damage than is evident. Hair straightening, curling, and similar heat-based hair treatments cause slow, but often permanent damage that becomes evident over the years. Using hair styling products daily is also equally bad.
  4. Certain medications: Research has shown that an intake of certain medications over a long period of time can cause female pattern baldness. These include medications for cancer, arthritis, heart disease, and birth control.

An Emotional Impact

Female baldness is an emotionally troubling condition. For women across the world, long and healthy hair sets the standard of feminine beauty and confidence. Baldness is a condition that has an impact which is more than skin deep. Women suffering from female pattern baldness often lose their self-esteem and feel unattractive to the opposite sex.

Moreover, studies have shown that women suffering female baldness are known to face discrimination, or even mockery, in terms of being judged by others. This often affects opportunities in career and hampers smooth socialization.Thus, rather than opening up and discussing the issue with a doctor, they prefer to hide the condition with hair styles and wigs. The delay in treatment only intensifies the problem.

Homeopathy: A Holistic Approach to Healing

Most people fear seeking hair loss treatments for two main reasons: the exorbitant costs involved and the fear of painful surgery. Homeopathy treatment cures while ruling out both those factors. Homeopathy offers male and female hair loss treatment options which are natural, non-invasive, and free from harmful side-effects. Rather than exposing the body to the trauma of surgery, homeopathy aims to heal from within naturally by targeting the immune system.

Homeopathy female hair loss treatments are suitable for women of all age groups and health conditions. This means that the treatment is safe and suitable for a girl in her teenage years undergoing thyroid medication, a pregnant woman, a breastfeeding mother, and a woman going through menopause. Do not let female pattern baldness steal away your confidence and shine. Speak to a homeopathic doctor today for the best hair solutions.

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