“Wart” a way to treat with homeopathy!

Warts are small skin growths. They are usually painless, but they can be a major cause of cosmetic and social embarrassment. Some warts present as small, flat and smooth lesions; some as rough or hard growths. They can occur on any part of the body. However, the most frequently affected areas are the face, neck, hands, feet, especially the soles, and genitals. Warts may occur one at a time, or in clusters. Some warts tend to be stubborn. Plantar warts that affect the soles are, at times, painful.

Warts are caused by a virus. They are contagious by nature. Hence, they can spread easily from one person to another. They also tend to spread effortlessly from one part of the body to another in the same individual. One elementary reason why warts spread easily is that people try to get rid of them by shaving them off, or through cauterisation, or other means by which only a part of the wart is removed. A half-removed wart is more likely to spread the virus to other parts of the body and also to other people.

Anju (23) was embarrassed because of the presence of multiple warts on her hands. These large, flat, smooth warts were her constant “companions,” for four years. Her warts would hurt and itch. Anju had cauterised them twice in the past three years, but they reappeared after some time. When she consulted us, she had about 20 warts on her hands. Anju had a strong liking for warm water and dislike for cold water. She was short-tempered too. Since she was also staying away from her home, for over three years, pursuing her studies, she would often feel home-sick. We prescribed her Dulcamara, based on her symptoms.

Within six months, she noticed a remarkable change. By the time she completed a year of homeopathic treatment, her warts disappeared completely — with no hint of their ungainly existence. Homeopathy has, time and again, demonstrated great success in the treatment of warts. Whether it is getting rid of existing warts, preventing the formation of new warts, or healing the tendency for warts, homeopathy has a safe, gentle and effective answer.