Homeopathy is child-friendly and gentle therapy

Children’s illnesses are far too complex than what may appear on the surface. So, notwithstanding phenomenal scientific advance, nobody knows for sure what goes on inside their mind/body — most of the time. Let’s think of a simple example: why do children with acute illnesses develop somewhat “unconnected” chronic illnesses?

For conventional medicine a “cure” means suppression of symptoms of a given illness. Homeopathy understands the consequences of suppression. Suppression only allows an illness to spread its roots deep inside and become chronic. Homeopathy evidences that a skin disease like eczema and a respiratory illness like asthma, for example, are connected. Conventional medicine too accepts that both eczema and asthma are the result of allergies. Homeopathy goes a step further. It suggests that when eczema is suppressed — a reaction at the superficial level — it leads to asthma, a reaction at a deeper level.

It’s certainly not a smart idea to “convert” a child with eczema into an asthmatic child, through suppressive treatment. What’s more, the buck doesn’t stop at this level. A host of psychological issues accompany every chronic physical illness, including eczema and asthma. Homeopathy observes that when the course of healing is suppressed, even a superficial illness can reach a profound level affecting vital organs as also our mind and emotions.

Conventional treatment provides a reduction of symptoms, even bringing about a temporary improvement of a chronic illness. This outcome is, however, not a healthy prospect, because with conventional treatment a child, with allergy, for example, needs to take medications on a continual basis. When regular medications are stopped, it leads to flare-ups or “after-effects.” The same child may now require new, more powerful medications. It’s a vicious cycle, really.

Homeopathy appreciates all these issues and more. It, therefore, allows its practitioner to look into the subtle nature of illnesses as also the unique, distinctive patterns of a child’s temperament, for which a safe, non-habit-forming, gentle remedy is given to bring about natural, holistic healing. Homeopathy also activates a self-regulating change in the child’s mind/body, without suppressing the symptoms. It honours nature’s wisdom. Put simply, it prevents children with acute illnesses from developing chronic conditions in the first place.