Homeopathy is a woman’s preferred healthcare choice

Homeopathy is gentle, humane medicine. It understands a woman’s psyche better than any other treatment approach. It evaluates a woman’s likes and dislikes, emotional sensibilities and sensitivities. It takes into consideration not just their health issues, family and medical history, but also their unique presentation of symptoms, menstrual problems, pregnancy, weight issues, environment, or medications, besides lifestyle.

Homeopathy suggests that each of us is unique. When a woman presents with an illness, she often carries her own distinguishing ‘autograph.’ The name of a given illness may be the same, but the nature of symptoms would be unique in each case. A woman with migraine headaches, for instance, may feel better with a hankie tied around her head. Another, with the same problem, may feel worse with anything tied around. This is individuality. This distinction applies to every health concern — from emotional and menstrual problems to hair loss, or any other illness.

Migraine affects three times more women than men. In a double-blind clinical trial conducted in Italy, an impressive 93 per cent of patients given an individualised homeopathic medicine experienced good results and tangible relief from migraine.

Homeopathy has had a long record of effectively treating women and their health concerns. Studies suggest that homeopathy is the preferred healthcare choice for a large number of women today. It’s also suggested that it is the most dependable alternative an increasing number of women now rely upon, or turn to, thanks to its proven identity as a safe, non-invasive and non-addictive line of treatment. Statistics too has shown that between 64 per cent and 80 per cent of patients visiting homeopathic clinics are women, primarily because it offers individualised, or personalised, solutions to ‘A-Z’ of their health concerns.

Homeopathic medicines are extremely user-friendly, handy and effective in women’s disorders. They are prescribed in exceedingly small (micro) doses. They are, therefore, medicines that anyone can take without the fear of side-effects. Yet, it’s recommended that one should seek the advice of a professional homeopathic physician while dealing with health issues and concerns that may look uncomplicated on the surface, but may be a peril waiting to happen deep inside one’s body and/or mind.