Prevent illness with homeopathy

Health is the best wealth. It is, however, not just the absence of illness, but a harmonious state of mind, body and spirit. The fact is our bank balance cannot recompense for any decline in health. So, let’s make a fresh new resolution beginning today, because we’d have given up on our resolutions quite early in the New Year already.

We’d make 2010 a year of good health and optimal well-being. The best way to start is by taking a simple, yet effective, step to getting through the year without worrisome illnesses and/or powerful medications. This is the best gift we’d give ourselves and our loved ones — staying healthy and happy. It will set the agenda for years to come.

Homeopathy can certainly help in keeping us healthy during the New Year and beyond — from the inside-out. This is not just removal of apparent symptoms, or illnesses, that appear on the surface. It’s reaching deep down and eliminating the cause of lurking problems, if any. Homeopathy boosts our immunity, or defences, naturally; it can, therefore, keep prowling illnesses at bay. Or, even nullify them before they expand into full-blown symptoms. In other words, homeopathy is ideally suited for preventative treatment. It is the medicine of vital or immuno-stimulation. It is free of side-effects.

How do we get to know a looming illness? It is not as difficult as it sounds. Just before we fall sick, we all tend to have certain body signals. For example, an ‘itchy’ feeling in the throat, with sniffles, before the onset of colds. This may respond to the homeopathic Nux Vomica. Or, an abrupt onset of high fever, face hot and flushed (Belladonna). Or, sudden diarrhoea, with excessive bloating and gas, early in the morning, forcing one from bed (Aloe Socotrina). All these are, of course, not serious problems, but they can upset our routine and rhythm. Worse still, they may also ‘transform’ into heightened illness. If this is not inviting trouble, what is?

Homeopathy places a natural ‘firewall’ in our immune defences. It makes us better equipped to fend intruders, or beat them naturally, without the fear of unwanted ripple effects in our system.