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Male Pattern Baldness - FAQs

Is it possible for me to re-grow my hair?

Yes. Male-pattern baldness is a condition which causes miniaturization (shrinking) of the hair follicle. This condition can, however, be reversed to some extent. This depends on certain factors like your age, the extent of hair loss and the underlying causes. Our doctors will carry out a thorough evaluation of your condition, and then guide you towards the right combination of treatment as well as the extent to which you can re-grow your hair.

There is a strong history of baldness in my family. Can it be prevented in my case?

Yes. Even though male-pattern baldness is a hereditary phenomenon, you can certainly be helped. The sooner you start with the treatment, the better are your chances of recovery. An integrated approach to the treatment as well as choosing the right combination of treatment for hereditary hair loss will certainly be of help.

I am 25 years old, and I’m losing hair rapidly. What treatment can I take to stop my hair loss?

Hair loss has become a common phenomenon among the youth. Since you are losing hair rapidly, the first goal of treatment will be to arrest excessive hair loss. After conducting a video-microscopic hair test and identifying the underlying cause of your hair loss, our doctors will then suggest the right treatment options for you. Mainly, the treatment would comprise treating the underlying causes along with a hair-vitalising treatment to control excessive hair fall.

I have noticed excessive hair fall after changing my place of stay. Can hair loss be linked to the water?

Yes. A lot of people complain about hair fall after relocating their place of stay. However, this might not be the only reason for your hair loss. A video-microscopic test to examine your hair, along with the detailed analysis, will show us the exact cause or a combination of causes for your hair loss. We will then treat you accordingly and try to arrest the hair fall.

I have noticed hair fall after a lot of stress. Is hair fall related to stress?

Yes. Stress is known to increase hair loss. There, indeed, are links between male-pattern baldness and stress. While you may work your way through relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation to control your stress level, homeopathic medicines can alter the reaction of the hair follicle to your stress, thereby preventing it from falling.


Myths and Facts

  1. Parlour treatments and shampoos can treat hair loss.
    This is a myth. Hair loss is a medical condition that is caused by some underlying conditions such as thyroid disorders, anaemia, hormonal imbalances, etc. A parlour treatment or hair product will only be superficial, and it will certainly not treat your hair loss. Hair loss can only be treated by scientifically diagnosing the underlying medical conditions and treating them accordingly.
  2. Oiling the hair makes it grow thicker and longer.
    This is a myth. Applying hair oil is a traditional and useful Indian practice, but it does not cause the hair to grow longer and thicker at all. Hair oil does not play a role in hair growth. However, oil can condition the hair and scalp, thereby making it smoother.
  3. Rubbing the fingernails of one hand against the other controls hair loss and helps with the re-growth of hair.
    There is no scientific evidence to back this belief. The best recourse for hair loss is to consult a trichologist who will diagnose the cause of your problem and provide you with the best possible solution.
  4. Brushing your hair 100 times a day makes it grow faster.
    Definitely not. Brushing only helps to spread natural oils over the complete hair strand. Excessive brushing may only add to your hair problems, thus damaging the hair due to excess friction.
  5. No visible hair loss means no balding.
    It is not necessary that you go bald only if you notice hair visibly falling off. Male-pattern baldness causes militarisation (shrinking of the hair follicle). It also causes the hair to grow at a slower pace than normal. Very often, people miss the visible signs of their own hair loss, that is, when their hair starts to thin out and gaps between the hair become visible. This happens because the rate of hair growth in male-pattern baldness becomes slow. This needs to be treated medically, just like any other case of male-pattern baldness. 
  6. If I shave my head off, will my hair grow back thicker and longer?
    Shaving the hair has nothing to do with the rate of hair growth. Hair loss is caused by medical conditions and the underlying causes need to be addressed with appropriate medical treatment. With shaving, you only get rid of the hair, but hair follicles still continue to shrink.

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