Female Hair Loss Treatments

Female Hair Loss Treatments

Every woman’s hair loss story is different - some suffer hair loss genetically and require a more sophisticated treatment while others merely need to avoid complicated and harmful hair styles that put too much pressure on their hair and scalp. The interesting thing is that ‘every woman has a hair story to share’!!

Earlier the concept of losing hair used to be considered only for old aunts. While the scenario has completely changed for the next-generation, we have plenty of products to pamper our hair and still, we lose more hair. However, like males, female pattern baldness (FPB) does not quite progress to a state of complete baldness at one go. This is because females have a hair-protective hormone 'oestrogen'. When this hormone falls below normal level and ups the level of male hormone i.e. testosterone in the body, the hormonal imbalance results in female pattern baldness.

Conditions, such as ovarian cysts (or, PCOS), or menopause are exclusive triggers for female patterned baldness. The problem tends to become a continuous process if not given enough attention in time and ends up in giving you a bald-ness look.

So, how would you find the best female hair loss treatment?

Female pattern baldness is a condition that requires a personalized approach to the treatment. Female hair loss treatments are based on the extent of your hair loss, the grade of baldness, the condition of your hair and scalp and the cause of your hair loss.

There are many potential causes of hair loss in women, including medical conditions, medications and physical or emotional stress. Hence, female baldness can only be treated by scientifically diagnosing the underlying medical conditions and treating them accordingly.

Homeopathy works excellent for female pattern baldness because it is an individual medicine. What it means is that every woman suffering from hair loss is given a different medicine, which is specific to her. It is not a one-suit-fits-all. It treats you as an individual and not just the physical symptoms of your illness. The real problem is the underlying medical ailment that has caused hair loss. For example, if you are losing hair due to lack of iron in your body – it’s your doctors’ job to find out the cause and then treat your illness and hence, your hair loss problem accordingly.

Based on video microscopic assessment of your hair and scalp, the homeopathic doctor will also give you a right hair care regime such as the right shampoo, conditioner, diet, chemical procedures you can or cannot do and suggest an individualized treatment.

The duration of female hair loss treatments, of course, depends on the stage of your hair loss and other factors, such as the health of your hair or scalp - this may take 2-3 months, or more, to respond to treatment.

The best thing about taking homeopathy treatment for female baldness is that it has no side-effects, non-addictive, and gives long-lasting results. You can also read about common female hair loss treatments we provide at our clinics by following the link: https://www.drbatras.com/hair-loss/female-pattern-baldness/homeopathic-treatment

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