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I am a 30 yr old guy facing severe hair loss issue since the last three years. I'm really afraid of seeing my hair falling like this every day. Could you please tell me about hair transplant? Is it a reliable cure for hair loss? Are the results positive?

Yes, the results of hair transplantation are permanent. Hair from the back of the scalp is genetically programmed to grow for the rest of your life. It grows permanently even when transplanted in the balding region. However, to suggest an appropriate treatment or combination of treatments for your type of hair loss, we need to evaluate your scalp and understand the cause of your hair loss. We suggest that you visit a trichologist at the earliest.

I am taking homeopathy treatment and groHair treatment for hair loss, and I have got positive response. I want some of my hair to re-grow. Is it possible?

We are happy to know that you are already getting good results for hair loss through homeopathy and Dr Batra’s™ groHair treatment. Assuming that you have taken homeopathic treatment for few months, we would like to tell you that hair treatment lasts three to seven years and, therefore, it will take some time to get good results. You have to be patient while taking treatment for hair loss. Dr Batra’s™ GroHair is a very good solution, which is also supported by your own experience. We also have STMcell for hair loss. For hair re-growth, we suggest you consult with your local doctor or our professionals at the clinic whether STMcell will help you.

I have a lot of dandruff and my T-shirt gets covered with cream-yellow flakes. I have used several anti-dandruff shampoos, but the problem persists. Is there a permanent solution for my ungainly dandruff in homeopathy?

Dandruff can be controlled with homeopathy. You should use a mild, natural anti-dandruff shampoo every alternate day. Also, have two tablespoons of roasted or powdered flaxseed every day and include yoghurt in your diet. If your dandruff does not improve in 2-3 weeks, please consult a professional homeopathic doctor at any of our clinics immediately.

I'm a 28-year-old housewife. I suffer from dandruff, because of which I have acne and black spots on my face. Please advise.

Severe dandruff (Seborrhoeic dermatitis) causes acne, so please keep your hair away from your face and forehead. We would also recommend using a mild anti-dandruff shampoo regularly. Dandruff can be effectively controlled with homeopathy. Please consult a professional homeopathic doctor at any of our clinics immediately.

I am a 27-year-old guy. I am losing hair. There is a history of hair loss in my family. People tell me that I cannot get any treatment because I have a family history of hair loss, but I am concerned. Can you help me?

Hereditary hair loss can be treated. You are still young; if you take treatment quickly, you can be helped. People believe that their hair loss can only come from father’s side of their family but genes can come from both sides. Please consult a professional homeopathic doctor at any of our clinics immediately.

I experience more hairfall in the monsoon. Why does this happen? What can I do?

A lot of people lose hair during the monsoon, which has also been proven scientifically. You will need to visit one of our clinics so that we can examine your scalp and hair. Based on your type of hair and reason for hair loss, we can suggest a hair care regime for it. However, the long term answer would be to treat your hair loss with homeopathy so that seasonal variations do not affect your hair, causing it to fall. Please consult a professional homeopathic doctor at any of our clinics immediately.

I visit the salon regularly and use best quality shampoos to treat hair loss. However, nothing has really helped me. Can you please recommend appropriate treatment?

Hair loss is a medical condition and can be caused by underlying conditions such as thyroid disorders, anaemia, PCOS, hormonal imbalance, etc. A salon treatment or hair products will only be superficial, but will certainly not treat your hair loss. It can only be treated by scientifically diagnosing the underlying medical condition and treating it accordingly. Please consult a professional homeopathic doctor at any of our clinics immediately.

How can one control the damage caused by hair colours and dyes?

Hair colours and dyes are harmful for hair, but they have become a necessary ‘evil’ today. It is always better to do a patch skin test first to see if your skin reacts adversely. If your skin does not react, you can safely apply the colour or dye. One good option is using ammonia-free colour or dye. Coloured hair requires special care through colour-protect shampoos, regular conditioning, protection from harsh sunlight and washing hair with cool (lukewarm) water.

Is homeopathy a better treatment than allopathy? My sister has started showing some white patches on her body for which we tried allopathic medicines. There was some improvement for a while but symptoms reappeared within a few days.

Some of the treatments under conventional medicines include photo chemotherapy, micro-pigmentation (tattooing) and skin grafts. However, these treatments might result in some side-effects like severe sunburn and blistering, as well as scarring. There might also be a recurrence of patches and, in most cases, it has been observed that allopathic medicines provide short-term results. Homeopathy, on the other hand, is completely free from side-effects. It provides long-lasting results and corrects the melanin destruction, thus preventing recurrence, and also does not cause scarring. For her treatment, please consult a professional homeopathic doctor at any of our clinics immediately.

I am highly sensitive to mosquito bites. The site of the bite turns into a hard, red bump with intense itching that lasts for more than a couple of days. What should I do?

You are allergic to mosquito bites and, hence, your body is reacting in this manner. If a person is not allergic, the effect of bite wears off in a few seconds, whereas it persists in your case. Cover your body adequately to avoid mosquito bites — use natural repellents, such as neem. If the problem persists, please consult a professional homeopathic doctor at any of our clinics.

Every time I wear any imitation jewellery, I get eczema. How do I avoid this?

To start with, you may have to avoid wearing imitation jewellery. Over a period of time, as your immunity gets better through homeopathic medicines, you will overcome this sensitivity and be able to wear everything.

I’m a 37-year-old lady executive suffering from blister-like rashes on my hands. How do I get rid of them?

You may be suffering from contact dermatitis, a type of skin allergy that could possibly be due to detergents or soaps that you use for washing clothes or utensils. Minimise your contact with such ‘allergic’ agents. If you have to do so, wear rubber gloves with cotton gloves under them. Drink plenty of water and eat fruits regularly. Eat flaxseed and walnuts; both are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids and beneficial for your skin. If the problem persists, please consult a professional homeopathic doctor at any of our clinics.

My daughter has more than a handful of warts on her face. Can homeopathy cure them?

Homeopathy is the best choice of treatment for warts. It not only helps in getting rid of existing warts, but also prevents their recurrence. Warts are viral infections caused by the human papilloma virus. They are contagious in nature, so one shouldn’t ‘pick’ them, since they can spread to other parts of the body. Although there is no foolproof way to prevent warts, it’s always a good idea to wash hands and skin regularly. If your daughter has a cut or scratch, ask her to use soap and water to clean the area, because open wounds are more susceptible to warts and other infections. For her treatment, please consult a professional homeopathic doctor at any of our clinics immediately.

I am suffering from psoriasis for over five years. The conventional medicines that I take or apply help me temporarily. What I should do for long-term relief?

Psoriasis is a chronic disorder; external ointments will just provide temporary relief. To treat psoriasis from the ‘root’, you will need constitutional homeopathic treatment from a professional homeopath. This is because it is imperative to take your case in detail and prescribe a suitable medicine for you, following a face-to-face clinical evaluation. Meanwhile, you could start taking two tablespoons of roasted, powdered flaxseed every day – it will help to control your skin problem. For treatment, please consult our professional homeopathic doctors at a clinic near you.

My 24-year-old daughter sounds terribly remote, more so with her irregular periods. She does not speak like before and prefers being by herself, alone and silent. She has been treated earlier for hyperacidity, but her tummy distress keeps coming back

Your daughter is showing symptoms of depression. Depression is a subtle malady; it affects more women than men. I’d suggest that you give her some space and wait for her to confide in you, but try to make her know that you are always there for her. Also speak to any of our professional homeopathic doctors, if her moody blues and seclusion get worse.

I am a 42-year-old woman. My doctor has diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome [CFS], because I feel tired all the time, while investigations, as he admits, show no abnormality. Can homeopathy help?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is characterised by medically inexplicable symptoms, most often severe physical and mental exhaustion that is not relieved even with rest. CFS usually affects people over 40 years of age; it is more common among women. Research suggests that in most cases, there is a strong history of infection. Studies have shown that homeopathy can successfully treat CFS. Please consult our professional homeopathic doctors at a clinic near you.

My wife is suffering from severe pain in her heel. Please suggest a homeopathic remedy.

Heel pain could occur due to a variety of reasons, like a spur (bony projection), pressure due to obesity, heel strain because of overexertion, ill-fitting footwear, etc. Figuring out the reason is important in order to treat the problem. Also, certain investigations like blood sugar levels and X-ray of the feet need to be done. If your wife is on the higher end of the weighing scale, weight loss is suggested. The use of soft footwear and soaking feet in warm water, likewise, would also help relieve the pain. Consult our professional homeopaths in your town, if symptoms persist.

My daughter has been diagnosed with ovarian cysts. We are keen to stop her present medications, which I know are replete with side-effects. What should we do?

Your daughter has abnormal hormonal levels, which is the usual case with ovarian cysts; this results in irregular menses and certain masculine changes. Homeopathic remedies, which act on the ‘root’ cause, can correct natural hormonal imbalance and also prevent the need for hormonal therapy. Homeopathic approach is based on the individual’s constitution; this takes certain unique symptoms into account - physical emotional and genetic make-up of the individual - for better and long-lasting results. We would need your daughter’s complete case history to prescribe a constitutional homeopathic remedy for her.

I am a 27-year-old housewife. I have recurrent urinary tract infections [UTIs]. I’m depressed. Could you suggest a suitable homeopathic remedy to cure my health problem?

Drink plenty of water and restrict your intake of stimulants, like coffee, as they may irritate the urinary bladder. Do not hold your urine for too long and maintain good genital hygiene. While washing yourself after passing stools, wash in the direction away from the genitals towards the anus. Emptying the bladder after sexual intercourse helps in preventing the entry of organisms into the urethra. Include vitamin C-rich fruits like lemons, oranges and cranberry juice in your diet; clinical studies have shown that they help in the treatment and prevention of UTIs. In case of recurrent UTIs, one would also need to rule out causes like diabetes. Meanwhile, we suggest that you take a personalised consultation with a homeopath — especially from the moment you ‘feel’ you have UTI, or when it arrives to cause you that proverbial distress.

My daughter was suffering from cystic ovaries [PCOS], but has successfully conceived through conventional [allopathic] treatment. Since delivery, however, her monthly periods are not regular. We are keen to avoid allopathic treatment this time around.

Individuals with PCOS have abnormal hormonal levels — the consequence is irregular menses and certain masculine changes in the body. Homeopathic remedies, which act at the ‘causative’ level, can correct natural hormonal imbalance and prevent the need for hormonal therapy. The homeopathic approach is based on an individual’s constitution; it takes the symptoms, physical, mental and genetic make-up of the individual into account for better and long-lasting results. Thus, we would need your daughter’s complete case history to prescribe a constitutional homeopathic remedy for her.

I am a 21-year-old girl. Lately, I have put on a lot of weight. My body aches all over, and my arms, legs, and shoulders often get swollen. I also suffer from hair loss. I work at a call centre. I am not married. Could you suggest a homeopathic remedy?

A sedentary, desk-bound lifestyle can lead to weight-related problems, or obesity. Exercise regularly and control your diet. Avoid sweets and fried food. Walk briskly for at least 30 minutes every day. For hair loss, try adding high-protein foods, like soya, to your diet. As you’re facing multiple problems simultaneously, it is advisable to consult a professional homeopath for the appropriate treatment and a healthy lifestyle.

My 21-year-old daughter gets extremely touchy before her periods and cries for no reason. She also experiences terrible mood swings, and it becomes difficult to manage her. Please advise.

Approximately 75% women with regular menstrual cycles report unpleasant physical or psychological symptoms before their periods. No medical attention is required for women who have mild, tolerable, or manageable symptoms. However, if your daughter’s symptoms are severe, homeopathic medicines can definitely help her. Please visit any of our clinics for clinical diagnosis and further evaluation of your daughter’s condition.

My ten-year-old son has several small, reddish eruptions on his neck and back since a few weeks. This happens every summer. Please advise.

Your son seems to be suffering from miliaria rubra, commonly known as prickly heat. This normally occurs in hot and humid conditions and when the sweat gland ducts get clogged due to dead skin cells or bacteria and sweat gets trapped within, leading to irritation and the formation of eruptions. Ideally, the problem can be managed by taking frequent cold showers, using talcum powder, wearing loose cotton clothes and minimising activities that can lead to excess sweating. If the itching is excessive, we suggest you take your son to any of our clinics in your city.

My five-year-old son has constant itching in his anus. Please advise.

Your son could be suffering from worm infestation, a problem that affects around 400 million around the world. The infection can be confirmed by a stool test. A positive stool report will help to identify the type of worm infestation. De-worming is usually advocated. Worm infestation in children can lead to anaemia, impaired physical growth and also affect their learning ability. It, therefore, requires prompt and effective treatment. Please consult our professional homeopathic doctors at a clinic near you immediately.

My 6-year-old son wets his bed at least 2-3 times a week. What should I do?

About 10-15% kids continue to pass urine in bed at the age of 6 years or even later. It would be worthwhile for you to visit our professional homeopathic doctors and start constitutional homeopathic treatment for your son. The doctor will evaluate his case in detail and confirm or rule out the cause of bedwetting.

My 7-year-old son has asthmatic symptoms. He has been on inhalers for the last five years. He is allergic to dust and cold weather. Will homeopathy help him?

You have not mentioned your son’s detailed symptoms. However, his use of inhalers is indication enough that his problem is bothersome. From the general pattern of his asthma-like concern that you have reported, it may not be all-too-easy to prescribe a homeopathic remedy without examining him. Please consult our professional homeopathic doctors, who will be in a better position to prescribe – based on a physical examination and elicitation of your son’s detailed case history.

My son is two years old. He doesn’t speak more than two or three words at a time. Does homeopathy have anything to offer for delayed milestones?

Although children are expected to speak at least 10-15 words at this age, it is not always the case. In fact, female children are known to speak earlier than male children. If your son’s other milestones, such as teething or ‘walking’ have been normal, his hearing is normal, he understands you, and his behaviour shows normal intelligence, you need not worry. Remember to interact a lot with him. Allow him to play and communicate with other children. This will help him learn to speak. If your son does not start speaking by the time he is three years old, he may have to be evaluated with a developmental review.

Can I see a female doctor? I don't want to discuss my problems with a man because it's embarrassing. Can I ask to see a female doctor?

Yes, absolutely. No one can force you to see a male doctor if you don't feel comfortable. We, at Dr Batra’s™, have professional female homeopathic doctors, especially assigned to treat women suffering from female sexual disorders. They will treat you according to the specifics of your symptoms and current condition.

Can a woman get pregnant using the withdrawal method of birth control?

Pulling out before the man ejaculates, known as the withdrawal method, is not a fool-proof method for birth control. Some ejaculate (fluid that contains sperm) may be released before the man actually climaxes. In addition, some men may not have the will power or be able to withdraw in time.

Can a woman get pregnant while breastfeeding?

Even though breastfeeding may suppress or delay menstruation, you can still get pregnant. Ovulation will occur before you start your menses again.

Is hormone replacement therapy for menopause bad for women?

Hormone treatment is believed to maintain healthy bones after menopause, in addition to relieving menopausal symptoms. But, like all treatments, there may be some harmful side-effects, including an increased risk for endometrial (uterine) cancer and breast cancer.

How do I make sex safer?

You can reduce the risk of all infections by using condoms for all types of penetrative sex (vaginal and anal). You may also want to consider condoms for oral sex. Having non-penetrative sex, such as body rubbing and masturbation, and reducing the number of partners you have sex with, reduces the risk of transmitting infections. You should always get tested for STDs before having sex with someone new and advise that they get tested too. If you are at risk for hepatitis B, get vaccinated. Ask a doctor, nurse or health advisor about this.

I recently had anal sex with my girlfriend for the first time. Since then, I have terrible pain in the end of my penis when urinating. We didn't use a condom. Do you think I've injured myself or caught an infection?

It's unlikely that you've injured yourself, but it's more likely that you've caught an infection. It is better to consult our doctor who can guide you further. If you have an infection, it's almost certainly easy to cure. Having unprotected sex with your girlfriend definitely puts you at risk of infections that are hard to treat, such as HIV and Hepatitis B.

I have small spots on the testicles and some on the penis. Should I be worried?

There are lots of normal hair follicles and glands on the testicles and penis, which all men have, and don't cause any problems. There are a number of skin problems that start as small spots and need treatment. It can be genital warts, which start as pinkish lumps on the genitals, and grow in size and number. It is always better to consult one of our doctors; they can evaluate your case in detail and guide you if there's anything that needs to be addressed medically.

Can a person with syphilis spread the disease?

Yes, syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease. A person with syphilis can spread the infection during the first two stages of the disease. If you come in contact with an open sore (first stage) or skin rash (second stage), you can pick up the bacteria that cause the infection. If the bacteria enter your body through an opening such as the penis, anus, vagina, mouth or broken skin, you can get syphilis. If a person has had syphilis for more than two years, it's unlikely that he or she can spread the disease.

I’m 34 years old. I teach at a convent school. I’m suffering from sporadic cough along with dizziness and blackouts for short periods. Please advise.

Cough can sometimes cause temporary loss of consciousness. People often become pale and feel nauseated, sweaty, and weak just before they lose their ‘consciousness.’ This is called cough syncope. Homeopathy has useful remedies for cough syncope, depending on your symptoms. However, given the nature and subtlety of your problem, it would be ideal to consult our professional homeopathic doctors in your area, who can evaluate and prescribe a suitable homeopathic remedy for you.

My thirty-year-old husband, a chartered accountant, suffers from flatulence and heartburn. Please advise.

Flatulence can be caused by a sedentary lifestyle, faulty eating habits, and certain foods. Ask your better half to avoid gas-producing foods, like cabbage or broccoli, and aerated drinks. Walking for a minimum 30 minutes daily is recommended. Include asafoetida, jeera and ajwain, in his diet. Ask him to avoid eating hastily or taking too much stress. Ask him to have small frequent meals and drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. Meanwhile, we suggest that he takes individualised homeopathic treatment if symptoms persist.

One of my friends was recently diagnosed with asthma. She is really worried about the chronicity of the disease. Is it a life-threatening disease? Can it not be cured throughout a person’s lifetime?

Asthma may improve with age, but everyone needs to understand that it’s a lifelong condition requiring medical help. Asthma symptoms may change over time and become intermittent or disappear. This may be due to environmental changes or changes in the body as people age. Some people with asthma at a young age can also see it return later in life, usually triggered by an illness or environmental issue. Homeopathy has best remedies for asthmatic patients because it treats each patient according to the specifics of his/her symptoms, what improves or aggravates the condition in relation to time, posture, movement, and rest. You may choose to visit any of our homeopathic clinics for better clinical evaluation.

I heard that exercising is not good for asthmatic patients. Is it true?

Anyone exercising hard enough may face shortness of breath. But when this happens sooner than expected, or happens along with other symptoms such as chest tightness, wheezing or cough, it becomes a matter of concern. So, a person with asthma can generally exercise, provided the exercise is performed under medical guidance. Exercising in environments with relatively high humidity is better, since exercise-induced bronchospasm (EIB) can be caused by the drying of airways. Slow warm-up and cool-down periods with exercise also help to prevent EIB.

I am a twenty-seven-year-old man suffering from piles. Will homeopathy help me?

A sedentary lifestyle, junk-food, stress, straining at stools and smoking are some of the common causes of piles [haemorrhoids] in young men. Lack of fibre and hard stools make the condition worse. Include green leafy vegetables, fruits, oats and flaxseed in your diet; they are rich in fibre and, therefore, help prevent constipation. Exercise regularly. Cut down on smoking, if you smoke. Minimise your intake of caffeine and spicy food. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Consult our professional homeopaths in your town, if symptoms persist.

I am fond of eating cheese and include a little amount in my diet almost every day; be it breakfast or lunch. My friends call cheese one of migraine’s most problematic enemies. Is it true? Does it really intensify the condition?

There are many different triggers for migraine and what affects one person does not necessarily affect another. For most people, it is not just one trigger but a combination of factors which can trigger an attack. Hence, you should consult a doctor to find out the exact trigger that causes your migraine. He can certainly help you in treating migraine and following a diet chart which would not intensify your condition. You may visit any of our homeopathic clinics for better clinical evaluation.

My migraine problem is getting worse. Earlier, I would get attacks only once or twice a year, but now it is troubling me every month. Please help.

If your headache changes in any way - type, symptoms, severity or frequency - please seek medical advice to confirm the diagnosis and discuss appropriate treatment. Migraine tends to evolve over your lifetime. Try keeping a diary to see if there is any reason for the recent change. We suggest that you meet our professional homeopathic doctors, who will be able to ascertain your clinical and other symptoms better, and provide the right constitutional treatment, given the nature of your problem.

I am suffering from dryness of the throat since 2-3 years. My throat goes ‘dead’ dry suddenly; it is an annoying feeling. Could you please suggest a permanent homeopathic cure?

There are three common reasons why this happens. Diabetes is one of them; if there’s a family history, or if you are over 40 years of age, you should get your blood sugar levels checked. The condition also occurs if you have a nasal problem, like a deviated septum or polyp. This can be ruled out by ordering a plain X-ray of the sinuses. We suggest that you meet our professional homeopathic doctors, who will be able to ascertain your clinical and other symptoms better, and provide the right constitutional treatment, given the nature of your problem.

I am suffering from anxiety and depression. I have taken far too many allopathic pills with no long-lasting relief. Please help.

Homeopathy is unique in its action on the mind and body. It treats anxiety and depression effectively. A detailed case history is required in order to identify the cause of your distress and treat it accordingly. Our doctors first diagnose the type of depression a person is experiencing and look at each person holistically as a completely unique individual. This is not merely based on symptoms experienced during the illness, but also on one’s personality or temperament, besides the likely cause of health concern. Therefore, we advise you to visit any of our clinics to get yourself treated, without any further delay.

I have been suffering from severe acidity and indigestion for the past few months. Business stress seems to be the cause, I think. Furthermore, I don’t get to eat on time and my meals, as you’d guess, are irregular. Please advise.

You can definitely start with homeopathic treatment, but you need to correct the ‘cause’ of your problem first and you know it best. Fix your meal timings and eat at regular intervals. Your food should be non-spicy and cooked with minimal oil. Include plenty of vegetables and fresh fruit in your daily diet. If your symptoms persist, start constitutional homeopathic treatment by visiting any of our clinics in your city.

My wife, aged 63, is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis; she feels better by applying something cold on the joints. Is something terribly wrong with her? Can homeopathy help?

Your wife can surely be helped with homeopathy. Homeopathy treats each patient based on their peculiar symptoms, just as in your wife’s case. Nothing is wrong with her joints – it’s just the peculiar nature of her joint trouble that she feels ‘better with cold’. Homeopathic treatment will help your wife have better control over the disease and less dependence on conventional drugs. You may take her to any of our homeopathic clinics – for better clinical evaluation.

I am 23 years old. Since the past three years, I’ve been suffering from dust allergy. I start sneezing and get a runny nose whenever I do any household work or travel outside. Please help.

You may be suffering from a condition known as allergic rhinitis, commonly called allergic cold. You must avoid dust as far as possible. Use a room purifier within the house. Cover your nose and mouth whenever you are cleaning or going out. Consume foods rich in vitamin C — such as sweet lime, Indian gooseberry [amla], and lemon. Drink plenty of water. If symptoms persist, consult our professional homeopathic doctors in your city.

I work for nearly 10-12 hours a day in front of the computer. I get neck pain, accompanied by backache and shoulder pain. This usually happens after a good night’s rest — I wake up in pain. This reduces in intensity as the day progresses. Please advise.

Many people wake up in the morning with backache, shoulder and neck pain. This may occur because of long working hours in front of the computer, inappropriate sitting posture or your mattress. It can also happen due to incorrect sleeping positions. Neck and shoulder pain, headache, and backache can also occur due to cervical problems. An X-ray of the cervical spine may help to confirm the diagnosis. If you are confident that your back is healthy, and you have had no history of backaches, correcting your sleeping posture and using a suitable pillow to support the head and neck may resolve the problem. Meanwhile, we suggest that you take an individual consultation with our professional homeopathic doctors for an appropriate remedy.

I have been stammering since my childhood. I am now 28. The remarkable thing about my stammering is that I stutter when I am anxious or tense, not otherwise. The problem is ruining my confidence and life. Can homoeopathy cure stammering forever?

Stammering is a speech disorder; it affects one’s fluency of speech with vacillation, repetition of words and involuntary pauses. It is considered to be a psychosomatic (where the mind affects the body) problem. Your stammering is also an indication of anxiety (mind) affecting your speech (body). Homeopathy is most effective in correcting such mind-body imbalances. Homeopathic remedies correct, connect, and relax one’s mind and vocal apparatus to ease the pause or stammer. So, kindly visit your nearest Dr Batra’s™ clinic for personal assessment and quick treatment.

I am a college-going student with an embarrassing problem — excessive sweating of palms. Does homeopathy have a cure?

You seem to be suffering from palmar hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating of the palms. This is often genetic. It can be heightened by anxiety and stress. But, when anxiety is the cause, homeopathy can provide substantial relief — leading to the healthy dryness of your palms. A detailed case history is required in order to prescribe the appropriate homeopathic remedy for your problem. Please visit any of our clinics for thorough evaluation.
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