Beat thyroid blues with fruity yogurt

Beat thyroid blues with fruity yogurt

Pectin is a gelatinous fiber that helps clear the body of heavy metals like mercury, which has been associated with thyroid disorders. Pectin rich fruits like pears, plums, apples and citrus fruits are there extremely important for those battling thyroid problems.

When coupled with yogurt/ curd, that contain natural probiotics that improve your gut health, these fruits make the perfect meal to fortify you and aid you in your day.

So what better way to beat the summer heat than with a big bowl of fruits salad sweet and healthy breakfast option that tackle your thyroid disorder and supplement the water and necessary sugars depleted by the body due to sweating. All while being low fat and good for even diabetics (as fruits contain good sugars called fructose).


1 orange - peeled and wedged

1 sweet lime - peeled and wedged

1 pear - diced into half inch

1 apple - diced into half inch

2 plums - diced into half inch

Unsweetened yogurt - 1 packet

¼ cup nuts, cashew and almonds – finely chopped

¼ cup cranberries, apricots, blueberries - chopped

Honey (to sweeten) - 1 to 2 t.sp.


  • In a large bowl de-seed and section the peeled orange and sweet limes (Keep the stringer parts and also the opaque inner peel as that contains the pectins).
  • Add the diced pears, apples and plums (Again do not peel the these fruits as the skin have the pectins).
  • Fold in the yogurt/curd to the bowl.

#Protip 1: To make your fruit salad creamy and rich use greek yogurt that is thicker, alternatively use a muslin or cheese cloth to hang the curd for a few hours or even the night prior (Remember it being summer, if you are hanging the curd, hang it in a cool place or even the fridge).

#Protip 2: Do not waste the whey or the liquid that drains from the curd, Whey is rich in calcium, phosphorus and B vitamins like riboflavin, pantothenic acid and vitamin B-12. You can either drink it or use it in smoothies to boost the benefits of the smoothie.

Optional: Add in the chopped nuts and dried fruits for an extra boost of fiber and a bit of crunch. Taste the mix, if you feel like it is lacking sweeten then add the optional honey.

#Protip3: If you’re someone that doesn’t have time for breakfast and are constantly on the go, whip your fruit salad into the blender to make a delicious healthy low cal, low sugar smoothie J in which you can now add the whey!

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