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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Homoeopathic Treatment

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Homoeopathic Treatment

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a group of behaviours found in many children and adults. Although the exact causes have not yet been identified, heredity makes the largest contribution to the expression of this disorder. In instances where heredity does not seem to be a factor, difficulties during pregnancy, prenatal exposure to alcohol and tobacco, premature delivery, significantly low birth weight, excessively high body lead levels, and postnatal injury to the prefrontal regions of the brain have all been found to contribute to the risk for ADHD to varying degrees.

There could be a possible connection between the amount of time children spend watching TV, learning disabilities and ADHD. Such pointers include environmental or societal influences, computer and video games and short-attention spans that many of our children today suffer from. More so, in families where both parents are working and just don’t have, give and/or provide quality time for their kids.
Many of today’s children are suggested to symbolize the three classical signs of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) i.e. Inattention, Hyperactivity, and Impulsivity.

Signs and Symptoms

Inattentive Presentation in ADHD:

  • Makes careless mistakes or fails to give close attention to details
  • Difficult concentration
  • Lost in their own thoughts and does not seem to pay attention to what is been spoken
  • Struggles to follow instructions given
  • Has difficulty with organizing in day to day activities
  • Tasks that need sustained mental efforts are generally avoided
  • Tendency to lose things easily
  • Distraction at the drop of a hat
  • Forgets daily chores
  • Hyperactive and Impulsive Presentation in ADHD:
  • Continuously fidgets with hand or portrays discomfort when they are sitting on a chair because of hyperactivity
  • Restlessness both in children as well as adults; they cannot sit in one place and children run about or climb excessively
  • Any activity they do there is a lot of chaos created. They find it difficult to do any activity quietly
  • Behaves as if he is always on the go
  • Great loquacity, cannot stop talking
  • Blurts out answers before questions have been completed 
  • Cannot wait and interrupts, they find it difficult to wait
  • ADHD Combined Presentation

When an individual would present mixed symptoms of the above types it is known as ADHD combined presentation. These symptoms can change over time, so children may fit different presentations as they get older. Depending on the severity of the symptoms it is further classified as mild, moderate and severe.

Healing with Homoeopathy

  • Homeopathy is mind-body medicine. It analyses and treats subtle variations at one’s emotional, mental, social, spiritual levels and also behavior, which directly affect health.
    Homeopathy is clinically useful for all types of emotional and psychological problems, including ADHD. It helps to restore children to their natural state of emotional health and overall well-being, without side-effects.
  • Homeopathy believes in individualized treatment, wherein healing is targeted at the entire child, not just at a specific disorder, or illness. It takes into account the unique, distinctive nature and characteristics of each child, no less, and prescribes treatment accordingly.
  • Emotional and psychological problems often appear at the deepest, most protected level. This is precisely where the overall healing process must begin. In the process, it restores the child’s emotional potential to its optimal level.
  • The right homeopathic remedy produces a noticeable, beneficial change, while regulating a natural
    balance that may have gone away.
  • Homeopathy aims to treat distinctive hyperactive symptoms that a child presents with, by the use of an appropriate remedy that suits one’s individuality, or personality not hyperactivity in isolation. This is where it differs from conventional medicine in which one medicine is prescribed to fit all, not withstanding each child’s unique nature, individuality and temperament.
  • Conventional medicines are known to cause many side-effects and tics being the most severe reaction. Homoeopathic medicine is very safe and does not have any side-effects.
  • Persons suffering from ADHD need long-term treatments and homoeopathy can be given on long-term basis without fearing any side-effects as seen in conventional medicine.

Self Help:

  • Improve your child’s self-esteem
  • Make available a variety of stimulating learning activities, like reading, drawing and painting for your child
  • Provide positive role models, or hands-on activities
  • Teach your child organizational skill and to appreciate them value of personal effort
  • Teach your child focusing techniques, such as yoga or simple breathing exercises
  • Give your child choices, but establish consistent rules and routines
  • Hold family meetings; better still, hold a positive image of your child
  • Seek professional homeopathic treatment, when simple measures don’t help; follow-up with your doctor on a regular basis
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