Asthma and Emotions: How are they connected?

Asthma and Emotions: How are they connected?

Have you ever wondered whether the way you're feeling is an asthma trigger? If you've had asthma symptoms when you've been crying or experiencing strong emotions, you might be surprised to know it's quite common. Scientific studies have proven the link between strong emotions (including stress) and asthma condition getting worse. 69 percent of people with asthma disease were found to mention that stress triggers their asthma condition. Why does it happen? Let us find out.

All of us feel emotions such as love, hate, anger, and excitement; though we express them in different ways. For example, we cry when we feel sad or laugh our heart out when we feel happy or excited. Now, what is the concern of people with asthma disease are the extremes of these emotions. For instance, a child may feel sad on scoring fewer marks in the exams. But, if sadness persists for a long-time, it may start affecting the child in personal life as well, not to talk about his academic performance. If he is suffering from asthma disease, this condition might trigger his asthama symptoms as well. While it is not necessary that emotions would trigger symptoms of asthma for everyone, all the time but, yes, asthmatics are more at risk of symptoms getting worse during stressful periods.

Strong emotions can affect our breathing pattern. Our breathing might be quicker and less regular and we might take short quick breaths through our mouths. Because this air hasn't passed through our noses, it hasn't been warmed, so it hits our airways while it's dry and cold. This kind of breathing can trigger asthma symptoms for some people. The same happens during uncontrollable laughter or sobbing because our breathing will be even quicker and irregular and we'll be breathing through our mouths.

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Anyone with asthma can find emotions trigger their disease symptoms, but there are certain groups more at risk including people whose asthma symptoms are not managed well, children, teenagers, and women.

Women, of course! As they are more likely to have strong emotions influenced by hormones, at times such as pregnancy, menopause or before a period, family and kids well-being. In the case of children, things are little different. Kids react quickly to things going on around them and are more likely to cry or laugh than adults. A child can often run around happily one minute and fall over and have a tantrum the next. Strong emotional reactions could trigger symptoms of asthma.


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There are ways to cope up with this condition if you are willing to help yourself. The best line of defense is to make sure you're managing your asthama treatment well.

We understand that experiencing emotions is part and parcel of our lives, so we can't avoid them, but we can be aware of them. If you know you're going through an emotional time be aware that it might have an effect on your asthma disease.

Keeping a track on your asthma symptoms is a useful way to find out if your asthma, or your child's asthma, is being triggered by emotions. You can pen down the reaction timing, symptoms and particular triggering emotions in a diary. It will help you as well as your doctor to understand the pattern of your reaction to certain triggers.

A holistic approach that includes understanding the emotional and physical concerns of the patient, like anxiety and fear, loss of a loved one, etc is used in the homeopathic treatment of asthma. Conditions like the change of weather, allergy to pollens and dust, etc., are also considered before suggesting an appropriate remedy. Natural medicines are given to help reduce spasms of the respiratory tract and build overall body immunity. Asthma natural treatment in homeopathy also improves breathing capacity, which can be measured by peak flow meter.

So, if you want an effective and permanent cure for asthma disease, do not hesitate to consult a homeopathic doctor. Homeopathy can be your option for side-effects free asthma treatment.

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