Have a question on Hair Loss? Ask Dr Batra's™

1. Hi! My name is Chirag and since last 4 years I have been suffering from male pattern baldness. Is it possible for me to re-grow my hair? »
Yes. Male-pattern baldness is a condition which causes miniaturization (shrinking) of the hair follicle. This condition can, however, be reversed to some extent. This depends on factors like your age, the extent of hair loss and the underlying causes. You can visit our clinic for diagnosis where our doctors will carry out a thorough evaluation of your condition, and then guide you towards the right combination of treatment as well as the extent to which you can re-grow your hair.
2. Hi! My name is Rahul and I am 22 years old. There is a strong history of male pattern baldness in my family. I am scared it’s going to affect me as well. Is there any way I can prevent it? »
Even though male-pattern baldness is a hereditary phenomenon, you can certainly prevent it with right treatment. The sooner you start with the treatment, the better are your chances of recovery. An integrated approach to the treatment as well as choosing the right combination of treatment for hereditary hair loss will certainly be of help. Please visit any of our clinics across India and we would be happy to help you.
3. My name is Sharad and I am 25 years old. I’m losing my hair rapidly and I really do not know the cause. What treatment can I take to stop my hair loss? »
Hair loss has become a common phenomenon among the youth. Since you are losing hair rapidly, the first goal of treatment will be to arrest excessive hair loss. After conducting a video-microscopic hair test and identifying the underlying cause of your hair loss, our doctors will then suggest the right treatment options for you. Mainly, the treatment would comprise treating the underlying causes along with a hair-vitalising treatment to control excessive hair fall.
4. I am Ankita. Off late I have noticed excessive hair fall and this happened after I changed my place of stay. Can hair loss be linked to the water? »
Yes. A lot of people complain about hair fall after relocating their place of stay. However, this might not be the only reason for your hair loss. A video-microscopic test to examine your hair, along with the detailed analysis, will show us the exact cause or a combination of causes for your hair loss. We will then treat you accordingly and try to arrest the hair fall.
5. I have a lot of personal & professional stress. Can this stress be a reason for my hair fall? »
Yes. Stress is known to increase hair loss. There, indeed, are links between male-pattern baldness and stress. While you may work your way through relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation to control your stress level, homeopathic medicines can alter the reaction of the hair follicle to your stress, thereby preventing it from falling.
6. I am 50 years old woman, and I have noticed the thinning of my hair. How can it be stopped? »
It is common for women around the age of their menopause to lose hair, or notice hair thinning. The hormonal changes at the time of menopause are responsible for this phenomenon. With an effective combination of homeopathic treatment, your hair loss/hair thinning can be effectively treated.
7. I delivered a baby 3 months ago and I have noticed a lot of hair fall after pregnancy. Can you help me? »
Certainly. Noticing increased hair fall after pregnancy is a common phenomenon. The sudden drop in the female hormone (oestrogen) causes this excessive hair loss. This can be treated very safely and effectively through homeopathy.
8. I have hair loss in patches. Can my hair really re-grow? »
Yes. Unlike in male-pattern baldness, where the hair follicle shrinks, there is no damage to the hair follicle in alopecia areata. All the hair that is lost can come back with the right treatment.
9. I treated my alopecia areata with steroids, which worked for some time, but the patches have reappeared. What can I do? »
There are some treatments that can help grow your hair temporarily. However, most of these treatments cannot prevent a relapse of your condition. A study conducted at Dr Batra’s™ showed that 91% patients did not relapse (reappearance of patches) as opposed to 50% patients who showed relapse with the conventional treatment of allopathy. You can visit our clinic for us to analyze the condition of your scalp and hair. We can suggest you an ideal treatment accotdingly. Homeopathy actually helps to slow down the progression of bald patches and fills them up with new hair.
10. Can I cure my dandruff with anti-dandruff shampoos? »
While anti-dandruff shampoos can temporarily control dandruff to some extent, they certainly cannot cure it. To cure dandruff and get rid of it permanently, a thorough assessment of your condition and medicines to control sebum levels will be required.
11. Can home remedies such as curd on the scalp treat dandruff? »
Dandruff cannot be cured by home remedies. It is caused due to excessive sebum secretion, which needs medical treatment for permanent relief.
12. Can dandruff lead to hair loss? »
Yes. International studies have shown the correlation between dandruff and hair loss. Dandruff is believed to alter the hair cycle, thus giving rise to hair loss.
13. Akash asks - Is hair transplant the best and permanent cure for hair loss? »
Hello Akash, hair transplant is done for hair growth on bald patches which is permanent but for hairloss you will need medical treatment. Visit a nearby clinic and get your hair analysis done to know the severity of your hairloss because if your losing large amount of hair everyday, with thinning and volume reduction, you need to seek medical treatment.
14. Is hair transplant the best cure and permanent? »
Yes, transplanted hair is permanent as it is resistant to the DHT hormone which causes hair loss. The hair follicles are taken from the back side of the head - donor area - and are not under the influence of DHT. Hair transplant is done on bald areas. This will make you look younger by 5-10 years, but the hair which is present can get worse bringing you back to what you are now. So this needs to be taken care by medicines which help in retaining the density of the hair and delaying the further thinning. You can visit our trichologist at Dr Batra's for your hair analysis and evaluation.