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All you need to know about piles
All you need to know about piles

All you need to know about piles

Hemorrhoids or piles are terms for those itchy lumps you get in or around your anus that causes pain and may sometimes bleed.Piles aremore common between age group 35-45, with 56% of them being males. (Source: International Surgery Journal)

Although hemorrhoids are common, people shy away from talking about them and this often leads to the spread of myths such as sitting on a cold floor may give you hemorrhoids, eating spicy food will make it worse or that surgery is the only treatment for hemorrhoids. Not true at all. Let's talk more about piles disease.

Piles disease in a nutshell

The most common causes of piles are being constipated and straining hard during a bowel movement. There does tend to be a genetic element to it. So, you may have a higher chance of developing piles if a parent has it. Also, if you're pregnant, there is a 50/50 chance you will get them. But the truth is we don’t always know why some people get it and others don’t. Read more.

Hemorrhoidal veins are present in the anal canal. Hemorrhoidsoccur when these veins become swollen and the tissue around them become inflamed. A swollen vein near the opening of the anal canal is called external hemorrhoid and a swollen vein within the rectum is called internal hemorrhoid.

Internal hemorrhoids are defined on how severe they are. First-degree internal hemorrhoids always remain inside the rectum. Second-degree internal hemorrhoids are those that will come outside the rectum during a bowel movement and then return to the inside of the rectum on their own. Third-degree internal hemorrhoids extend outside the rectum during a bowel movement and then must be pushed back inside. Fourth-degree internal hemorrhoids always remain outside the rectum and cannot be pushed back in.

Depending on the severity of piles, treatments are prescribed. Let’s look at the treatment options present out there.

All you need to know about piles

Conventional treatment of piles

Treatment of piles includes using topical creams or suppositories that you can buy from the pharmacies. Needless to say, the medications may come with side-effects such as skin rash, severe irritation, anxiety, severe headaches, blurred vision, and many more.

Your doctor may suggest a hemorrhoidectomy to remove your hemorrhoids if you do not respond to the above methods positively. A hemorrhoidectomy, however, is one of the most painful procedures in the world and also quite expensive.

You need more natural and pain-freeremedies for piles. Go for homeopathy!

Homeopathy treatment for piles

Homeopathic treatment for piles deals with this problem in the safest way possible. Hemorrhoids are directly related to stress and trauma. Leading a stressful life may lead to anxiety and melancholy which may in turn cause hemorrhoid flare-ups. According to a study, homeopathy is a better and more cost-effective approach than surgery.The evaluation of change in disease criteria is as follows:

  1. Bleeding: Out of 30 cases, 26 cases (86.67%) were cured and 4 cases (13.33%) showed improvement.
  2. Pain: Out of 29 cases, 22 cases (75.86%) were cured and 7 cases (24.13%) showed improvement.
  3. Constipation: Out of 29 cases, 21 cases (72.41%) were cured and 7cases (24.13%) improved.

(Source: homeobook)

It is well known that stress and anxiety can result in depression which in turn causes your hemorrhoids to worsen. At DrBatra's™, skilled homeopaths factor-in the stress aspect of each patient separately before coming up with any kind of medication. Based on the findings, tailor-made remedies are prescribed to every patient. The fact that these remedies are side-effect-free makes homeopathic treatment for piles the most recommended method.

Piles causing you grief? Or you aren’t quite sure what is happening? Well, then don’t let embarrassment hold you back from speaking to a homeopathic doctor.Consider booking an appointment with DrBatra's™and pay a visit to the nearest homeoclinic.


If you are suffering from piles, give homeopathy a try. You could also implement some self-help tips like eating a balanced diet and soaking your anal area in warm water, in tandem with piles treatment in homeopathy. This will speed up the recovery process and provide you with long-term relief.

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