Urticaria and Its Homeopathy Treatment

Urticaria and Its Homeopathy Treatment

10 year old Esther is tired of intense skin itching with red raised bumps occurring at any time of the day since 5 years. She does not have burning at the site of rash but the itching is intolerable which causes the condition to become worst when she scratches the skin. Her mother had consulted an allopathic doctor who told her that she suffered of Urticaria and she was prescribed an anti-allergic which controls the itch fast but as soon as the effect of the medicine is over it would return with more intensity. The mother was worried as the frequency of taking conventional medicine had gone up and she was well aware about the side-effects of the medicine. Esther’s mother seeked help from a homeopath in her area as she had learned that homeopathic medicines are free from side-effects and have better results than conventional medicines from a close friend of hers. Esther was asked various questions by the homeopathic doctor and she was found to be allergic to eggs which were her favorite. She is an aggressive child and very revengeful. She liked to be alone especially after she had started getting menses. She has many friends but no best friends. She was not afraid of any person. She was very sensitive to comments made on her looks. She loved playing football, basketball, chess and skating. When angry she would hit the opposite person whether elder or child. She is average in studies and never participated in solo events. She had to be coaxed by her mother to make projects and presentations at school. After all the questioning and counseling session by the homeopathic doctor she was prescribed homeopathic medicine as per the case history. She was called after a month but was informed by the doctor that in case the condition got worst she could visit the clinic immediately and not wait to come after a month. Esther came in for her follow up appointment after a month. She looked very happy and had become very calm too. Her mother said that after she has started taking homoeopathic medicine the itch and rash have completely disappeared. She does not have to take any conventional medicine at all. She could now eat eggs and was all fine. Her aggressive behavior had become less and she was more positive. This month she participated in elocution competition and got the 1st prize too. Esther’s mother continued with Esther’s treatment for a year and now she is completely free of Urticaria.

What is Urticaria?

Urticaria or Hives is a skin condition which presents as red itchy swollen areas of different sizes. There is intense itch, burning and sense of heat. The rash appears and sometimes disappears by itself in a few hours or a days’ time or would require medicines if it does not settle for days/weeks together. Allergic Urticaria are caused by a food substance, animal dander, medication, insect bite, chemical product or some sensitizing agents like latex. Non-allergic Urticaria are caused by a physical stimuli like heat, exercise, the sun, cold, pressure caused by holding the hand tight, belts, straps, scratching(dermographism) and vibrations in which generally conventional methods of treatment are not very helpful. Urticaria could also show up with auto-immune diseases like thyroid diseases and cancers where these pathologies need to be eliminated and treated effectively. Urticaria causes stress and Stress too can cause hives. In some cases when it gets more severe it could cause angioedema where the wheals are large and extensive and could be there for a few hours to days and could cause choking of the respiratory airways and death too. Urticaria can be caused by certain drugs too. Urticaria is seen in both sexes and all ages. Self medication can be dangerous so always seek help of a professional.

Homoeopathy and Urticaria

Homeopathic treatment focuses on the patient as a person and the pathological condition too. Homoeopathy treats the person holistically. Homoeopathic medicine helps to bring back the deviated immunity to normalcy which helps improve the immune system response and helps to reduce the intensity and frequency of attacks of Urticaria. Homoeopathic medicine does not have any side-effects unlike known side-effects of conventional medicines. Homoeopathic medicine helps to improve the health related quality of life.

Self Care Tips

Identify and eliminate the risk factor. Prevention of Urticaria is by avoiding the factor which causes the condition.

Apply a sunscreen before you step out in the sun.

Use a good moisturizing lotion or calamine lotion which relieves the itching and burning of skin during the attack. Ice-packs are beneficial to reduce itch and heat sensation.

Avoid food which cause allergy for some time until your system is ready to accept it.

De-stress yourself by practicing yoga and meditation which helps to reduce the frequency and intensity of attacks.

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