Acne: healing with homeopathy

Acne: Healing with Homeopathy

August 31, 2016

Acne is a truly dreadful affliction. It affects one’s appearance and undermines one’s self-esteem. Homeopathy believes that acne is a defence process. It is the body’s internal response to fight any bacteria. Homeopathy also suggests that acne heals best when it is tackled beneath the skin, from within the body.

Homeopathy treats acne in two ways:

  1. It addresses the local causes, such as oily skin and dandruff and

  2. It corrects the ‘root cause’ of the problem, such as hormonal changes, stress, polycystic ovarian cysts, among other causes, through a properly selected, individualised remedy. Yet most people succumb to the immediate temptation of applying powerful, conventional, over-the-counter [OTC] external application — cream or lotion — on the troubled spot, which makes the condition even worse. Every year, over INR 1,500 million is spent on conventional OTC acne products, even though the results are far from satisfactory, and often come with side-effects.

    Clinical studies suggest that individualised homeopathic treatment — based on the patient’s unique pattern of symptoms — can stimulate a good, healing response in skin conditions such as acne without side-effects. For the best results, it is imperative to seek the advice of a professional homeopath at the clinic.

Self help tips for acne

  • Do not scratch or pick at the skin. This may lead to infection or, worse, aggravate and spread the acne.
  • Do not use chemical-based soaps that dry the skin. Instead, use an aqueous herbal soap. After washing, pat the skin dry, do not rub it.
  • Ideally, wear cotton clothing.
  • Eat a balanced diet. Avoid fast and fatty foods. Reduce or cut out meat and dairy. These can worsen and increase acne outbreaks.
  • Avoid the use of refined carbohydrates — white rice, excess sugar, white flour. Caffeine, alcohol and tobacco also tend to aggravate acne.
  • Exercise regularly; lose weight if you are overweight. Exercise increases the level of feel-good chemicals in the body, providing a relaxed and confident feeling.
  • Ensure that your bowel movement are healthy. A sluggish bowel causes lethargy and discomfort. Include natural fibres, like flaxseed, in your meal. Drink lots of water to keep yourself well hydrated through the day.
  • Reduce stress through relaxation techniques such as meditation, visualisation, guided imagery, soft music or yoga.
  • Consult and follow-up with your homeopathic doctor on a regular basis, especially if you notice a change in your acne pattern, symptom or intensity, including the reduction of your acne spots.
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