Homeopathy prevents you pulling out your hair

Tearing out one's hair might connote frustration in common parlance but in actual fact, it denotes a real medical condition. Called Trichotillomania, it is characterized by the inability to resist the urge to pull out one's own hair. An estimated 10% of the world's population is affected by this strange and painful condition with 80% of those afflicted being women. Some researchers view Trichotillomania as a type of affective or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Nail biting, skin picking, and thumb sucking can be related conditions. About half the people with this condition put the hair in their mouths after pulling it out. The effects of Trichotillomania can be truly serious. Associated feelings of shame may cause social embarrassment with sufferers wearing hats and false eyelashes to camouflage their self-inflicted hair loss, or even total social withdrawal. Chewing hair can result in dental erosion while eating hair may result in hairballs becoming lodged in the stomach or large intestine which can lead to anaemia, abdominal pain, nausea, haematemesis (vomiting blood), or bowel obstruction and perforation.

Trichotillomania is not a cosmetological disorder but a psychosomatic ailment. Therefore Homeopathy’s holistic approach proves the most effective course of treatment, offering a safe and long term solution for this unfortunate condition. It not only cures the symptoms of the illness but also its cause, restoring the patient to good health and positivity.

23 year old Ajay came to us with hair loss on his vertex. He had been diagnosed with Male Pattern Baldness and told that his condition was progressive and incurable. Depressed and dejected, he turned to us in despair. At the time he had shaven his head which made it difficult for us to confirm the diagnosis. However we used video microscope that magnified Ajay’s scalp 200 times over, revealing that each hair follicle had 2-3 hairs coming out with normal gaps between the follicles. This finding did not corroborate the clinical diagnosis of male pattern baldness. Instead, a detailed case history revealed that Ajay had a habit of pulling his hair out whenever he was tense or engrossed in work which led us to the diagnosis of Trichotillomania. Prescribed a few doses of Kali phos, Ajay has regained all his hair.

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