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Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

During the holidays, the first thing to be let off the hook is our control over health concerns. All the care that we take while eating and all the exercising that we do, takes a back seat during the holidays.

Holidays are the perfect time to indulge and gain pounds. Holiday is the time to relax, unwind, and eat all you can, isn't it? Those who stay at home will know this the best. What happens after a week’s holiday spent at home? The trousers are tight and the cheeks are all full and red.

Those who have been to enjoy holidays at Goa for Christmas and New Year know it well. Four to five days of food and drinks, and you come back heavier - with memories and kilos!

Suddenly, there is too much time. A routine day of running around has become a day of nothingness. In some cases, holidays may be even more hectic - especially for those who love traveling. There, too, a change in the schedule comes around. It is not always possible to stick to the regular exercise regime.

When travelling or holidaying, food is all around the place. Various cuisines call out to you. Roaming around creates the need to keep munching and then lavish lunch and dinner are already on the mind. And god save you, if you are traveling with parents - no one can stop you from gaining weight. They make sure their kids (no matter of what age) are always full (to the mouth).

We say, enjoy! Big deal, this is what holidays are for. To have fun, enjoy with friends and family, and indulge. So, should we continue to have holidays and add five pounds every time? You know you should not. The key is - Moderation.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind if you wish the holidays to end on a guilt-free note -

  • Eat right. It is one of the ways to keep on losing weight even while you are enjoying sumptuous holiday meals. But for this you need to make the right choice of food you eat during the holidays. You certainly cannot enjoy the calorie rich pumpkin pie or the aromatic and delicious cheese logs that are served everywhere during the holiday season.
  • Check on calorie intake. Even though the names of many dishes are very healthy, the toppings and fillings that come with them make them fattening. So, in such case - Eat, have fun, but don't lose total control. May be you could keep a check on the portions you have. Limiting portions helps you enjoy the foods but doesn't make you too heavy.
  • Avoid buffet meals. Even if you go for one, remember the multiple choices are to suit your taste buds, and not to eat for the whole day in one go. Buffets are a common cause of overeating; restrain yourself. Value for money may seem like a good option with the plate in the hand, but when those clothes won't fit, you may not feel all that great then.
  • Party smartly. Remember holidays don't mean you have to drink like a desert camel. Eat a small amount of protein rich food before you leave. Yoghurt, chicken and fish are best suited. This will satiate your hunger and you won't find yourself gorging on the party feast.
  • Drink a lot of water. All the salty junk foods that you eat will surely make you dehydrated. Add to it all the sodas and fizzy drinks and you will end up seriously dehydrated. Cut the junk and sodas and drink lots of water instead.
  • Sweet intake. Do not restrict yourself too much, especially with sweets. Go ahead and have it but make sure you keep it small, do not gorge. Too much of restriction will only have an adverse effect.
  • Sleep properly. Avoid late night snacking & do not compromise on sleep. Holidays mean staying up late into the night chatting, laughing and generally making merry with cousins and family. In doing so you may end up gorging on late night snacks, mostly junk! Avoid this at all cost. Sleep deprivation is also one of the causes for weight gain.
  • Exercise. You are not expected to follow an exercise schedule on holidays if you are going out; but, at least make sure to take a walk post meals. You can also go to the gym instead of sleeping an extra hour. Even if you are going to staying out in a hotel, you can ask for a gym while making bookings. Take a walk around the city, enjoy the side destinations and stay in shape.

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