In February 2005, I passed the exams at Dr Batra’s, the world's largest chain of homeopathic clinics and joined their Ultadanga clinic at Kolkata and till date I am with this company. Being a homeopathic doctor at Dr Batra’s, has given me a lot of exposure to what homeopathy can actually do. At Dr Batra’s I got to handle some of the toughest, challenging and even incurable cases which I, probably, would have never seen in my private practice. It demands high level of technical skills, knowledge, hard work and excellent medical expertise to handle such cases and all this I learnt only at Dr Batra’s. I also receive huge appreciation from patients, colleagues and management for all my work. I strongly recommend that any doctor who wants to excel in the field of homeopathy should definitely get associated with Dr Batra’s.

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Ultadanga, Kolkata
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