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Dr. Batra's™ - M.E. Durai Rajesh

M.E. Durai Rajesh

M.E. Durai Rajesh

Dr M.E. Durai Rajesh has been practising homeopathy for the past six years.  

Professional achievements
Dr M.E. Durai Rajesh worked for the Tamil Nadu Chief Ministers’ Health Insurance Project for one-and-a-half years as Medical Officer.

Educational qualification
Dr M.E. Durai Rajesh has a Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery degree as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Holistic Spa Therapy.

Dr M.E. Durai Rajesh specialises in acute as well as chronic ailments, especially allergic bronchitis, asthma, arthritis, migraine, hair fall, irritable bowel syndrome, skin diseases, piles, musculo–skeletal disorders, children's diseases, digestive problems, genito–urinary disorders and gynaecological disorders, among others.


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