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Dr. Batra's™ - Kuldeep Rasal

Kuldeep Rasal

Kuldeep Rasal

Was a consultant at Aerfa Memorial Charitable trust in 2008-09 Where I Managed 2 clinics.

Practicing Homeopathy since past 11 years.

Professional achievements

  • 5 Cured Case Reward in Dr Batra’s™ Positive Health clinic .
  • 1 WOW Service Award.
  • Joined Dr Batra’s™ as an Case h/o DR than as per my performance was Given promotion as CHC of Ghatkopar Clinic , Really had good experience their lot of pts of various complaints were seen.
  • Ghatkopar clinic received best performing clinic for consecutive 3 months  in Internal parameters also 98% in mystery audit .

Educational qualification


Dr Kuldeep Rasal specialises in acute as well as chronic ailments especially allergic bronchitis, asthma, arthritis, migraine, hair fall, irritable bowel syndrome, skin diseases, piles, musculo–skeletal disorders, children’s diseases, digestive problems, genito–urinary disorders, gynaecological disorders, among others.


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