Parental attitude may contribute to kids’ illness’

A city-based homeopath, concerned over the health of children falling ill more often, concentrates on two major reasons or the illness. “Immunity is one of the major reasons for the illness but what a few parents don’t realize is that over protectiveness in maintaining health and poor absorption of nutrients despite the availability of good food are two main factors behind children frequently falling ill,” said Dr Mukesh Batra, founder of Dr Batra’s healthcare.

He spoke at a press meet held to discuss the findings carried out by Kantar IMRB for his organization. According to the survey, 69% of children in the age group of 2 to 10 years fall sick at least once every three months. The survey was carried out in eight cities and the number of respondents from Ahmedabad was 203. The survey also revealed that Ahmedabad topped in allergy among children (32%), the highest in all the eight cities across India as well as in childhood asthma (16%).

The factors leading to rising allergy and children falling ill, Dr Batra said included environmental changes, pollution, nutritional deficiency and even stress in children. He also warned parents against creating an aseptic environment.  “These days parents don’t let children play outside. It is always better to expose children to different things as it helps them build their immunity. Children are mainly falling ill because their immunity is compromised, “said Dr Batra. He added that often parents overreact to their children’s common illness and give them antibiotics for ailments that don’t need one in the first place