Reaching out to the world

Healing People, Changing Lives

Excerpts from an interview with Dr Mukesh Batra about Dr Batra’s™ pioneering work in modern homeopathy and how it has transformed the lives of patients everywhere

In today’s competitive healthcare sector, how can a healthcare brand create a competitive differentiator?

In my opinion, a healthcare brand needs to focus on two aspects i.e., creating a great patient experience and ensuring outstanding medical results. In today’s competitive environment, a brand needs to constantly evolve to ensure higher and higher standards of patient outcomes and positive experiences. Cross referencing of cases amongst the 350 full-time homeopathic doctors at Dr Batra’s™ is the pillar behind our top class medical outcomes. The large panel of full-time doctors is the largest think tank for homeopathy under one umbrella, probably the largest in the world. We also have a Medical Board which includes super specialist MDs from top 12 specialties, all of whom have 30 plus years of medical experience and are leading experts in their field of medicine. We also follow a unique escalation matrix wherein the patients are automatically referred to senior doctors if they do not see the desired outcome.  I am happy to state that we have achieved Positive Treatment Outcome of 91% [as audited by the US-based agency American Quality Assessors (AQA)]. 

As part of the patient experience, we capture real-time patient feedback through an electronic feedback system, where the senior management, individual department heads, clinic heads as well as the patient experience team are able to understand the pulse of the patient live in order to enhance patient experience.  We conduct regular mystery audits which help us keep a track of our performances as well as maintain the highest standards of treatment and provide a fabulous patient experience. This is resulted in a high patient satisfaction at all our clinics. It is an ongoing effort at our end to constantly look at new ways of bettering patient treatment outcome, patient experience and enriching the quality of life of every patient in a caring and nurturing environment.

Given the widespread nature of Dr. Batra’s™ clinics, how do you ensure uniform quality of healthcare across your diverse touch points?

With over 225 clinics spread across 4 countries and 130 cities in India, UK, UAE & Bangladesh we ensure uniformity of experience through infrastructure which is IT driven and the regular training that we provide to our doctors and support staff. So, be it Ludhiana or London, Delhi or Dubai the in-clinic experience stays the same. The quality of treatment is also standardized due to the high quality of raw materials for medicines which is procured from a single source internationally and the in-built medical protocols for medical consulting. The back-end for which is managed by a team of specialist doctors who undergo training every fortnight through video-conferencing and e-learning modules on best practices in healthcare thereby making certain that our treatment is standardized across geographies.