Perceived as a ‘Western disease', celiac disease has never really been taken seriously in India. It is estimated that, about 1% of the Indian population is suspected to be affected by celiac disease, which roughly translates to about 1.3 crore Indians. The disease is majorly prevalent in the North Indian population where wheat is primarily grown and forms the staple diet. These states would include Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, UP, Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttaranchal, MP and in some cases Maharashtra and Gujarat. According to a detailed study conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Haryana has the highest reported incidence of the disease in India and it further establishes that there is a clear likelihood of celiac disease being on the rise in India.

While talking about the role of Homeopathy for celiac disease Padma Shri recipient, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Dr Batra's™ Group of Companies, Dr. Mukesh Batra said, "Homeopathy has been found to be effective in cases of celiac disease as it moves away from symptomatic and lays emphasis on holistic treatment. In homeopathy, there are no same set of medicines for a particular disease which can be repeated for every patient. This is because the focus is not on the disease symptoms alone but the person’s psychological and emotional symptoms are also assessed which play a pivotal role in understanding the root of the disease. This helps in bringing back the equilibrium of the body’s immune system in a natural way to normal state. Patients under homeopathy treatment for celiac disease can consume gluten based products and this disease can be fully cured in a period of about 3 years (though individual results may vary from patient to patient). Any life-long medications are usually not required."