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Our hair fall woes are never ceasing and it pains us to see a trace of stray strands of hair wherever we settle ourselves. Although it’s considered normal to shed a hundred strands of hair a day, it still scares us to see our hair fall, leading to the fear that we’ll have none left if this persists. If you feel the same way, Dr Batra’s Hair Fall Control Kit will come as a saving remedy. The hair regime consists of an oil, shampoo and serum, which is enriched with the goodness of tulsi, brahmi and tujha. We tried the oil, which surprisingly had a pleasant aroma to it, and it didn’t leave our hair feeling oily or greasy. We followed this up with the shampoo, which is non-lathering, and for those who aren’t used to this kind, you may want to use a little more of it to make sure that the oil is washed off completely. This routine cleanses the scalp of the residual dirt and grime, and left us feeling light. It did give our hair a sheen that it was lacking. When it comes to controlling hair fall, we’re aware that we wouldn’t see results instantly, so we stuck to the routine, using the oil and shampoo regularly and found that the stray strands reduced in number. We suggest incorporating the products in your routine to make the most of their benefits.

Price: Rs 1,050

Where: Dr Batra’s clinics and leading chemists across the city