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Alternative Medicine

Dr Mukesh Batra, Founder & Chairman, Dr Batra’s Group of Companies, gives an overview of study and work opportunities in homeopathy

The homeopathy market in India is largely unorganized, yet it has moved ahead in terms of qualification of doctors, medical facilities in homeopathy and research backed treatment options. The organized homoeopathy market in India is estimated to be around Rs 2,758 crore. The growth of the Homeopathy industry has been mainly led by increased awareness amongst patients on the safety, effectiveness, long term benefits and affordability for this alternative stream of medicine. There are three lakh Homeopathic doctors in India with about 212 Homoeopathic hospitals and more than 8000 Homoeopathic dispensaries and around 400 licensed pharmacies that stock homeopathy medication. However, India’s health care delivery mechanism is defined by shortcomings.  Including alternative medicine in mainstream system can lessen the burden on allopathic doctors.

Growth Areas: Today, India has the largest number of  homeopathic practitioners in the world. It has the largest number of colleges for homeopathic education. Today, Homeopathy opens a wide range of career prospects not only in India but also abroad. France is the largest market for Homeopathy. Europe, followed by Asia and North America has the largest market for alternative medicines and therapies due to an increased adoption of alternative medicines and natural therapies and technological advancement in drug development in the region. Hence the career prospects in other countries, too, are also very promising.

Job Roles: The aim of a student of Homeopathy is usually to become a Medical Professional in this field. However many students are unaware of other careers.  Apart from being a medical practitioners,  Homeopaths can also get into clinical research or work at government hospitals. A large number of them are hired by insurance companies for the medical examination process. Also they join NGO’s as volunteers. If they opt for an MBA, they can also choose Hospital Management and Operational Management at hospitals.

Study Options: To take up Homeopathy as a career, you must complete a Bachelor’s degree in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS). The Degree course is of 5 ½ years with an extra year of internship. To practice, the person must be licensed by the Central Council of Homoeopathy, a statutory body functioning under the Indian Government. For higher studies, a doctor can opt for a three-year MD with specialization in paediatrics, psychology or medicine.

Pay Package: Salaries of practicing homeopaths depend on their qualification- undergraduate or postgraduate. Salaries, too, depend on the clinic/hospital the doctor works at as well as on factors such as whether it is in the government or private sector. A Homeopath’s starting salary can be between Rs 1.8 lakh and Rs 2.2 lakh per year.