A step towards Chikungunya-Free India-Dr Batra's Healthcare offers free preventive dose

Kanpur, The recent outbreak of Chikungunya and Dengue has gripped the nation with fear and panic. Chikungunya is spreading very fast in many parts of the country and there have been reports of death resulting from Chikungunya in some of the cities as per a news report, people are increasingly worried about the health and wellbeing of their loved ones. In a bid to make India Chikungunya Free, Dr Batra's Healthcare — India's leading chain of homeopathy clinics has announced free preventive doses across its clinics in India. Dr Batra's have always been proactive in helping society in such epidemics with homeopathic preventive medicines as part of their CSR initiative. Many scientific research studies point towards the benefit of Homeopathy as a curative and preventive treatment option for Chikungunya. Keeping this in mind, Dr Batra's Healthcare will be offering free oral doses to anyone who walks into any of their235 clinics across India.