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Diwakar, a thirty-one-year-old chartered accountant, presented with long-standing psoriasis. During clinical examination we found that his body, for the most part, was covered with psoriatic patches. When we began to distil his case-history, it did not take long for us to figure out the most likely cause — severe stress at home and the workplace.  We could also trace a ‘distant link’ to his depressive spells, when Diwakar was in school. He was possibly bullied, because he was — as he related to us — slow in his studies, along with a distinct stammer. We inferred that his scaly patches were a ‘residue’ of his suppressed childhood feelings. We prescribed him the homeopathic remedy, Staphysagria — a remedy that corresponds to such a symptom-picture. His psoriatic patches began to slowly respond and heal in a span of sixteen months.

Stress and emotional anguish often activate psoriasis; the irony also is most psoriatic individuals, as a result, experience stressful flare ups — a recurring pattern of psoriatic patches. This subsequently affects the growth cycle of skin cells, while leading to a build-up of thick layers of cells which proliferate without waiting for the earlier cells to shed. The outcome is the typical psoriatic picture — unsightly skin patches with scaling. When psoriasis is not treated suitably, the possible ‘complications’ could be obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, aside from depression, inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS), psoriatic arthritis, which can lead to deformity and, in some cases, cancer.

Homeopathy aims and treats the individual’s psychosomatic make-up — primarily ‘causes’ that could possibly ‘trigger’ psoriasis — while decoding their distinctive symptoms. This includes emotional stress or grief, environmental and food allergies, or sensitivities. The homeopathic remedy, Sulphur, for example, is effective for dry, red, scaly and itchy psoriatic patches, worse after bathing, or shower.

In a European clinical study, 45 physicians treated a group of adult men and women having psoriasis for over 11-14 years. The subjects were given homeopathic prescriptions, after wide-ranging consultation and case-analyses and evaluated for over two years. While the severity of complaints improved noticeably, following homeopathic treatment, there was also sustained progress in their quality of life (QoL).