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Homeopathy to Treat Allergies in Children

Ten-year-old Harshali presented with frequent bouts of nasal allergy (allergic rhinitis). Her parents complained of ‘non-stop’ sneezing, triggered “primarily by any exposure to dust.” Following case-analysis, we prescribed her the homeopathic remedy, Solanum Lycopus. After regular homeopathic treatment and follow-up for six months, Harshali is free from her recurrent nasal allergic episodes.

Millions of children suffer from allergic illnesses today. Statistics suggest that about 12 per cent of children younger than age seven are allergy-sensitive to certain substances; they also account for 8-10 per cent of all hostile reactions to conventional medications. About 50 years ago, allergies were uncommon; just a handful of children, perhaps, suffered from hay fever (allergic rhinitis), or other allergic responses. Today, parents, day-care centres, and schools ‘stock’ conventional anti-allergic medications to treat children’ at the drop of a sniffle.

Research suggests that certain children are born with allergic conditions. Some children with allergies develop illnesses, such as sinusitis and asthma — which are also allergic in their manifestation. At the other end of the spectrum, children love pets, such as dogs and cats. Unfortunately, some kids are extremely allergic to them, that they just can’t have pets at home. Homeopathy has effective remedies to manage and treat such allergic responses and, in the process, desensitise the allergen, or allergy-causing substance.

Homeopathy treats acute (short-term), seasonal, and chronic allergies of all types. The idea is keyed to first treat the blatant allergic response that children, for instance, develop during the allergy season. A ‘constitutional’ remedy, or a homeopathic remedy that suits the given child’s individual temperament best, and resolves allergies from the inside out, during the symptom-free part of the year, is, thereafter, prescribed.  

A multicentre, double-blind, and placebo-controlled study was jointly conducted on a group of allergy subjects by researchers from a homeopathic hospital in the UK and the University of Sydney, Australia. The study clearly showed the healing benefits of homeopathic treatment in comparison to placebo (dummy pill). In yet another study, a combination of homeopathic remedies provided quick, effective relief from allergic symptoms, significantly better than placebo, without side-effects.