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Homeopathy Brand gets International Recognition

In a proud moment for the Indian healthcare industry, Dr Batra’s® Healthcare was internationally recognised for its medical practices in an award ceremony held in Germany. Incidentally, the Indian homeopathy conglomerate received this recognition in the birth place of this modern science.

Dr Batra’s® follows stringent medical protocols, which gives their patients the best treatment and experience in medical care. These include a pool of medical knowledge of over 350 doctors that are experienced in treating various ailments and a Medical Advisory Board compromising MD’s from top specialisations. All homeopathy medicines are sourced internationally and untouched by hand. They are prepared in an open pharmacy and packaged in convenient blister packs to facilitate patient compliance. More importantly, all treatment results are independently audited by an international auditor across their patient base of 15 lakh patients, says Dr Mukesh Batra.

Dr Batra’s® Healthcare also been included in the official ‘Best Medical Practice’ register of the European Medical Association (EMA) Brussels, Belgium as a reliable healthcare provider. It is also the only Indian homeopathy company to receive recognition of this stature. The company has played an instrumental role in pioneering modern homeopathy not only in India but also in various overseas markets and changing the perception of homeopathy world over.