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Dr Batra's Healthcare has been a pioneering force in modern Indian homeopathy Dr Batra's Healthcare has been a leader in homeopathic healthcare since 1982 and is one the world's largest chain of homeopathy clinics. Dr Batra's is one of the only homeopathic corporate in India with more than 2000 employees and around 350 full-time doctors, MDs (dermatology, homeopathy), gold medalists and university rank holders. We currently have over 230 clinics across 122 cities in India, Dubai, UK, and Bangladesh.

Currently the biggest challenge in AYUSH system of medicine is that it does not have any evidence backing and hence lacks scientific backing. Dr Batra'S provides standardized and professionalized homeopathy treatment that is at par with modern medical systems. They have successfully introduced the use of technology to give Homeopathy a professional and scientific backing.

It is a well-known fact that the Indian healthcare industry is growing exponentially. In fact as per a latest report, the Indian healthcare industry will be valued at value USD 200 million by 2020. While conventional medicine continues to grow, people are also looking for alternate forms of treatment. With the Government focusing on alternate systems of medicine, we have witnessed a surge in uptake of Homeopathy in India.

to WHO, Homeopathy is the 2nd largest system of medicine in the world and is practiced in over 80 countries and is used by more than 10 crore people worldwide. Today, India is a hub of homeopathy and India has the largest number-of homeopathic practitioners in the world and has the largest number of colleges in homeopathic education.
 Understanding the pulse of the industry, Dr Batra's Healthcare has widened its service portfolio to incorporate an entire ecosystem of homeopathic and natural healthcare services. Under the umbrella of Dr. Batra's Healthcare are a group of companies including Dr Batra's Homoeopathy, Dr Batra's International, Dr Batra's Aesthetic Solutions, Dr Batra's Products, Dr. Batra's Franchise, Dr Batra's Media, Dr Batra's Academy and Dr Batra's Foundation. Their expansion in different verticals has helped us build a better connect and brand loyalty with our patients.

With the volume of competition that brands face in this age, the only way a brand can stand out is by providing exceptional customer experience and by offering quality service. Dr Batra's takes pride in its mission to provide the best quality and the highest standards of services to all patients. This is the reason that they have been able to achieve a treatment success rate is very high. More-over, their patient experience score as audited by AQA is over 90%.
 In the end it all comes down to pro-viding good quality service with excellent customer experience, and this has been the underlying principle be-hind the incredible growth story of Dr Batra's Healthcare.