Reaching out to the world

Biggest Achievement yet to come Dr Batra

The leading homeopathy practitioner on turning 65 and making an international impact

What do you consider to be your biggest achievement? What was the biggest year for you date and why?
Although I am now 65, I think my biggest achievement is yet to come. That is what keeps me going. I always strive to achieve better than what I did yesterday. Becoming a doctor is only one of my biggest achievements. Treating my patients and seeing them make a full recovery is an unmatchable feeling. Two significant years that have shaped my professional life — 1982 and 2011. 1982 because that is when I got my first break-through and decided to open a clinic on my own. If not for that leap of faith, I would not be here today. That year made me realise that no business can be successful without risks. It led me to a lucrative business. And 2011, because that is when my son, Dr Akshay Batra, gifted me study material to enroll for a management course in best practices in healthcare at Harvard University. At first I was obviously taken aback. How can anyone study at 60? But then I completed the course and to my sur-prise I loved it. I realised that it is never too late to start something new and I have always made sure that I pass this message to everyone I meet. Sometimes, life springs surprises on you.

You have been credited as a pioneer of modern homeopathy in India. How hard was it to change people's mindsets about homeopathy?
Choosing homeopathy as a medical practice in 1973 was a tough career decision. The most difficult challenge was to change the way homeopathy was perceived. It lacked an organised approach. We were the first player to set standardi-sation protocols for medicines, treat-ments and even the clinic's interiors, in an otherwise unorganised sector.

Tell us about Dr Batra's Positive Health Foundation – your CSR initiative.
 Dr Batra's Positive Health Foundation was founded on my 50th birthday. I found the idea of charging a fee to treat other people's illnesses, health concerns and problem "After a successful venture of over 221 clinics in India, we now have eight clinics spread across UK, UAE and Bangladesh" appalling. The Foundation provides free treatment to over 20,000 patients.

What is the global footprint of Dr Batra's and how is homeopathy received internationally?
 After 221 clinics in India, we now have eight clinics spread across the UK, the UAE and Bangladesh. Last month, we were awarded ' the 'Best Enterprise Award' and the 'Rose of Paracelsus', which is the highest recognition for a medical practitioner in Europe. My corn- - pany also won the 'Best Practices in Healthcare' award by European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) in Brussels. I was also recognised as the 'Person of the Year' in healthcare at the World Today Business Conclave 2016. Homeopathy is legalised in 80 countries and we are present in only four. That is the scale I now aspire to reach.