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Say Good Bye to Baldness

Losing hair can be a traumatic experience – not just for your hair line but also for your personality.  What if there was a permanent solution that promised your own natural hair growing back? Hair transplantation is the answer for such people. Dr. Akshay Batra, Sr. VP, Trichological Society London and Director, B Perfect answers some common queries about this wonderful procedure.

How is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) different from the strip method of transplantation?
FUE and strip method are different procedures but the final result is exactly the same. The placement of the grafts and the final aesthetic look of the patient is also same. The only difference is in the removal of the grafts – in FUE grafts are removed one by one or in small groups whereas in strip method, an entire strip of hair is removed.

Which is better – FUE or strip method?
Both the procedures are useful though the strip method is more common. Depending on the suitability of the patient, we at B Perfect perform the procedure that best suits the given case. Strip method is more useful for larger area of baldness when more number of hair is required. FUE is better for smaller area of baldness when lesser hair is required.

What results can be expected from hair transplantation?
The results are permanent. You will have your own natural hair growing back for the rest of your life. Your hair can be combed, oiled, washed, cut and styled the way you want.

How safe is this procedure?
Hair transplantation is absolutely safe and has no side effects. You can get back to work the next day itself. It is so comfortable that while the procedure is going on, you can watch TV, read a book or chat with your friends on the phone.

Is hair transplantation costly?
It’s a myth that hair transplantation is expensive – consider it as a lifelong investment made for oneself. In order to bust the myth of it being an expensive procedure, B Perfect has introduced a special offer of hair transplant for only Rs. 75,000 for unlimited number of hair and without any hidden costs for the Strip method. We also perform the FUE method. Till date, at B Perfect we have successfully transplanted over 4.5 lakh hair.

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