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Permanent solution for baldness

No one can understand the pain of hair loss better than one who is slowly balding. The change in the appearance of the scalp can significantly bog down one’s confidence level. In such a scenario, wouldn’t it be astonishing to have a permanent solution to baldness? Dr. Akshay Batra, Sr. Vice President, The Trichological Society, London and Director, Dr. Batra's B Perfect Pvt. Ltd. answers queries about this wonderful procedure – hair transplantation.


Is hair transplantation a solution for all kind of hair problems?
Hair transplantation is a solution for majority of hair problems, particularly male and female pattern baldness. 90% of the patients who suffer from pattern baldness will benefit from this procedure.


Are there any side-effects of hair transplantation?
There are no side-effects of this procedure. It is absolutely safe and even comfortable – so much so that you can watch TV, read a book or talk on phone during the procedure.


Is any special care required after a hair transplant?
No special care is required after a hair transplant. No medication is required to maintain it for the rest of your life. Your hair continues to grow forever after this procedure.


How soon can I get back to work after a hair transplant?
Hair transplantation is a day care procedure. You go home the same day after the procedure and you can easily resume work on the next day. No hassles of taking a long leave from your work. This adds to the convenience of the procedure.


Is hair transplantation expensive?
It is a myth that this procedure is expensive – think of it as a lifelong investment made for oneself. In order to bust the myth of it being an expensive procedure, B Perfect has introduced a special offer of hair transplantation for only Rs. 80,000 for unlimited number of hair and without any hidden costs.


What are the advantages of hair transplantation over other procedures such as weaving, hair extensions, bonding, etc.?
Amongst all the options available today, hair transplantation is the only procedure which can give you your own natural hair growing back on the scalp. This hair is permanent; it lasts forever and thus restores your youthful look. You have the complete freedom to wash, cut and style it as you like. Moreover, unlike other procedures, there is no worry about damage to the scalp or impermanence.


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