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Manage stress effectively with holistic homeopathy

Vikram (34) suffered from profound stress, trepidation and anxiety. During case-analysis, Vikram reported that his anxieties made him “freeze” and speechless before a presentation. He said that the very thought of an impending situation made him extremely nervous and sweaty. This is typical of anticipatory anxiety. We prescribed him Gelsemium Sempervirens, a homeopathic remedy, which is useful for stressful emotions linked with anticipatory anxiety, especially before exams, interview, or presentation on the job. Six weeks later, Vikram reported that he was less anxious and felt much better than any time before — thanks to his reduced stress levels.


Stress is often an outcome of shock, grief, disappointment or life-changes. It can leave one drained and vulnerable to illness. When stress is left untreated, stress responses can become long-term, or chronic. Stress and health are closely linked. Stress, either transitory or constant, can induce a number of mind-body disorders, including mood swings and substance abuse.


Homeopathy helps to rebalance the mind and emotions. It is effective in people of all ages — from children with emotional or behavioural problems to adults bogged down by stress, anxiety, marital discord, or job loss. Ignatia Amara, for example, is useful for stress associated with a sad event, or after shock, apprehension and emotional despondency. Natrum Muriaticum is, likewise, effective in stress, accompanied by intense fear. Piper Methysticum is useful for general or everyday stress.


There are a handful of practical measures that can help one to reduce and manage stress in conjunction with homeopathic treatment. They are: try to do something different, when stressed or anxious; practice relaxation techniques, or listen to soft music, and sing or dance along. Or help others, be with others, speak to or visit friends. Physical exercise — walking, swimming, working-out at the gym, cycling, or taking the stairs instead of the lift — is also useful. Likewise, a hobby can be relaxing and enjoyable. Most important: don’t “take” stress always. Learn to say no.


In a national survey, conducted by The Society of Homeopaths, UK, and published in the reputed journal, The Homeopath, 87 per cent of patients who complained of stress-related mental and emotional problems reported positive changes after homeopathic treatment.