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How homeopathy helps to treat hair loss

Vinod (37), an aggressive but anxious businessman and diabetic, presented with excess thinning of hair and hair loss. He reported that his hair loss was of recent origin — it began, he said, about a year ago. On detailed case-analysis, we found that emotional stress, stock market worries and recession blues, had played a major role in his fluctuating sugar levels and also hair loss. Vinod complained of being “dog tired all through the day” — even when he did not overexert, or work for long hours. We prescribed him the homeopathic remedy, Acid Phosphoricum. When Vinod came for follow-up, he reported that he felt much better; also active. In a span of four months, following homeopathic treatment, his hair loss stopped and his blood sugar levels also stabilised. You’d call this holistic homeopathic healing — of corrective treatment aimed not only at the “source” of one’s problem, but also how the individual reacts in illness states.

In every case of hair loss, a close examination of the scalp by a professional homeopath, trained in trichology — the scientific study of hair and scalp — followed by a folliscope study, which analyses the condition of the scalp and the pattern of hair thinning, is meticulously conducted. The folliscope procedure, also called as video microscopy, can magnify the hair follicle over 200 times. Investigations such as blood tests for anaemia, diabetes and thyroid disorders, along with TrichoScan, another sophisticated test, are also performed to measure and analyse hair loss with digital imaging. Sometimes, a biopsy may be ordered in suspected cases of scarring hair loss.

Homeopathy does not merely treat hair loss on the surface — or, on the basis of obvious external symptoms. It aims to treat both observable and underlying, or latent, symptoms that manifest by way of the given individual’s unique nature, his or her distinctive temperament and sensibilities. For instance, the homeopathic remedy, Acid Fluoricum, is prescribed in hair loss after prolonged illness, or when the hair is brittle and tangles easily. Phosphorus is recommended when there is hair loss in large clusters, attended by dandruff, with intense itching of the scalp. Ignatia Amara is, likewise, prescribed in stress- or grief-related hair loss.