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Homeopathy treats ungainly white patches effectively

Pooja (14) had tried conventional treatments for many years, but her problem persisted. Homeopathy, her parents informed us, was their only hope; their last port of call.

Pooja was suffering from extensive white patches (vitiligo). Over a period of time, the white patches had not only increased on her face and legs, but also spread to other parts of the body. Every treatment she took provided only temporary relief; in due course, her white patches would reappear again. Her physical condition embarrassed her; she became extremely reluctant to mix with her classmates; she started lagging behind in her studies too, even though she was a good student. Most importantly, she had mood swings. Sometimes sad, sometimes ‘marginally’ better. She would also sob and blame her past karma for her skin condition.

Following her case-analysis, we gave her Pulsatilla, a homeopathic remedy made from windflower, which best suits moody types who weep one moment and show comfort the next. Within a few months of treatment, the white patches stopped spreading. With continued treatment, they receded completely.

Vitiligo, also called leucoderma, is a pigmentation disorder. In this condition, the cells that make the pigment, melanin, which gives our skin its colour, are destroyed. Homeopathic medicines, such as Arsenic Sulph Flavum, Hydrocotyle, Phosphorus and Psoralen Con Q (10 drops in one cup of water) are effective for white patches. It is, however, imperative for one to take the appropriate remedy under the supervision of a professional homeopathic doctor.

Besides, one needs to protect one’s skin from the sun’s harmful rays with a natural sunscreen (SPF 30), enriched with echinacea, a natural moisturiser. Sunscreen guards the skin from sunburn and long-term damage. It minimises tanning — this makes the contrast between normal and depigmented skin less apparent. Certain cosmetics also help to ‘cover’ the white patches on skin and improve appearance for one to feel better about oneself. These products may be particularly effective if one has vitiligo that is limited to the exposed areas of the body. One should speak to a dermatologist about cosmetics that are safe and also suit one’s needs best. There is, however, no need for dietetic restrictions in vitiligo.


(Excerpted from the new bestseller, Healing with Homeopathy, by Dr Mukesh Batra. The book is available at all leading bookstores and Dr Batra’s Clinics).