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Homeopathy treats respiratory problems safely

Research suggests that death rates due to complications arising from bronchitis have multiplied during the last decade. This is not just a cause for concern — it also highlights the consequence of ignoring or not attending promptly to warning signs and symptoms of long-standing cough.


Bronchitis can be short-term, or chronic. The former comes on suddenly, accompanied by irritating cough and other symptoms. Most often, it lasts no more than a few weeks. The cause may be a virus, or bacteria. Chronic bronchitis is a prolonged, long drawn-out condition. It results in increased production of mucous, as well as other signs such as frequent and severe respiratory infections, aside from narrowing of the breathing tubes (bronchi), accompanied by difficulty in breathing.


In bronchitis, the respiratory airways and their branches in the lungs get swollen, primarily due to allergy, or infection. Other causes that trigger bronchitis are inhalation of fumes, tobacco smoke, or environmental pollutants, and chemical solvents. Symptoms, such as sore throat, nasal obstruction, or sinusitis, may often precede bronchitis. When the problem gets intense, or severe, there is often excess cough with thick mucous secretions, chest discomfort, breathlessness and wheezing. When acute bronchitis is left untreated, it can sometimes lead to pneumonia. Similarly, untreated, or neglected, chronic bronchitis can, on occasions, trigger lung tissue damage and a subsequent drop in breathing capacity — the volume of air we breathe in and exhale.


Homeopathy treats not just the symptoms of bronchitis; it treats the disorder from its root. Studies have shown that homeopathic medicines significantly improve our breathing capacity, overall health and well-being. They also stimulate the body’s defences. In other words, they boost our immunity. For example, the homeopathic remedy, Spongia Tosta is a valuable first remedy in bronchitis. It is most effective in dry cough relieved by warm liquids, or food. Antimonium Tartaricum is, likewise, useful in chronic, congested, or “wet” bronchitis, accompanied by distressed breathing.


Studies have corroborated the efficacy of homeopathic remedies vis-à-vis conventional medicines in the treatment of bronchitis. One outcome study showed an impressive response rate of 82.06 per cent in the homeopathic group as compared to 67.03 per cent in the group receiving conventional medicine.