Homeopathy treats prostatic problems effectively

Fifty-nine-year-old Kris Vasudevan (name changed), presented with symptoms and diagnosis of prostatic enlargement. He reported that he would wake up more than 4-5 times at night to pass urine. Each time the urge, he said, would be more intense and urgent than the previous time. During case-taking, Vasudevan described one of his complaints graphically. He said that he had an odd feeling that a “ball-like thing” seemed to be wedged in his lower abdomen and that he experienced heaviness, distension and discomfort more than any other time while sitting down. We prescribed him the homeopathic remedy, Chimaphilla Umbellate, based on his presenting symptoms, which matched with the remedy-picture — prostatic enlargement, with retention of urine, accompanied by frequent nocturnal waking and urging. Six months later, Vasudevan was free from his prostatic distress.


Picture this. Frequent urination. Waking up frequently, at night, to pass urine. Urgency to pass urine. Hurried urge, followed by weak urinary flow, incontinence and sexual dysfunction — or, in advanced cases, renal (kidney) problems. All this and more characterises benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH). The cause of BPH is suggested to be primarily genetic. Some researchers evidence that it may be related to the endocrine system, where a natural sense of hormonal balance between testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and oestrogen gets altered, owing to advancing age. It is also suggested that the functioning capacity of the hormone receptors becomes modified. This may, in turn, result in BPH. However, prostate cancer is not caused by BPH. Likewise, the presence of BPH need not amplify the incidence of prostate cancer. It is, however, established that individuals with significant BPH are most likely to seek medical treatment, because they are also more likely to be screened for or diagnosed with a concomitant, silent or nascent prostate cancer.


BPH is one of the most common disorders that affect aging, but otherwise healthy men. When detected and treated early with suitable homeopathic remedies, such as Sabal Serrulata, or saw palmetto, under the supervision of a professional homeopathic physician, the condition may not necessitate surgery, or undermine one’s quality of life, including freedom from frequent, nightly washroom visits, as well as preservation of renal and sexual health.