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Homeopathy treats menopausal problems safely

A 49-year-old woman presented with menopausal hot flashes, mood swings, chronic fatigue and constipation. Her blood pressure was 150/100. She was on conventional hypertensive medications for two years. When we began to take her case-details, we felt that her temperament suggested an innate urge to be in “charge of herself, her family and home.” Her stresses pushed her to eat frequently. She reported that she had put on a lot of weight. We prescribed her the homeopathic remedy, Veratrum Viride. We chose the remedy because it corresponded well with her illness symptom-picture: hot flashes, mood swings, tired feeling and sluggish bowels with high blood pressure. When she came for follow-up, her hot flashes and fatigue had reduced. Her blood pressure was 140/90. In the course of two months, her blood pressure was 130/80. It did not take long for her to return to a state of stability, optimal health and well-being.

There is more to women’s health than what meets the mind. Breast cancer, for one, scares more women than the threat of a prowler lurking in the corner. The focus, and also screening, is greatly aimed at keeping track of the cancer peril. What is ironically missed or goes unnoticed is many women fall unsuspecting victims to a silent heart attack — which emerges from nowhere and without the usual dramatic symptoms. What also compounds the fact is many women experience routine fatigue, sleeplessness, shortness of breath and also overweight issues. They don't often realise that they're actually having a heart attack. Blame it too on the enduring nature of women to “put off” screening for their heart health and its accompanying risk factors, because they may not feel there’s anything wrong or bad. This holds good for diabetes too.

It is imperative, therefore, that blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels need to be monitored in women just as much as they are done in men. This is the first step towards keeping health hazards from turning into disasters. Regular screening can make all the difference to control risk factors. Once this is achieved, heart disease and diabetes become manageable issues, with suitable homeopathic treatment, along with lifestyle changes.