Homeopathy treats menopausal problems effectively

Menopause is a natural process; it is not a disease, or illness, by itself. Homeopathy is every woman’s best companion. It not only helps to control, or regulate, mild, severe or painful menopausal symptoms, it also helps make menopause an uneventful and natural process. This isn’t all. Homeopathy can reverse the process of early menopause in younger women.


The common symptoms of menopause include hot flushes, night sweats,
irritability, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, fatigue, migraine, memory loss, low libido, among other symptoms. Researchers at the Tunbridge Wells Homeopathic Hospital, UK, enrolled 31 female outpatients who had complained of menopausal flushes in a study. The subjects were treated using individualised homeopathic medicines. After initial consultation and follow-up, the 31 subjects were asked to complete their own self-assessment rating of the treatment. 79 per cent of the women, enrolled in the study, reported effective reduction in both the severity and frequency of hot flushes — as a result of homeopathic treatment.


Another study compared the effects of individualised homeopathic medicines with a homeopathic combination and placebo (dummy pill) in 55 women suffering from menopausal symptoms for a period of one year. Both the individualised and combination homeopathic therapies provided an improvement in symptoms over placebo, with the individualised homeopathic prescription showing the best results over the first three months of the assessment period.


In yet another study, 81.04 per cent of 102 women patients reported improvement of menopausal symptoms after homeopathic treatment. The symptoms noted were hot flushes, sweats, fatigue, anxiety, sleeping difficulties, mood swings and headaches. Women referred to homeopathy were those who could not undergo hormone replacement therapy (HRT), or for whom HRT was unsuccessful, or who did not want to, or had to come off HRT for some reason. The mean duration of homeopathic treatment was five months. In addition to this, a clinical study and service evaluation of homeopathy found that 88 per cent of women patients reported clinically significant improvement in their primary symptoms. The greatest clinical benefit was reported for headaches, fatigue and sleeplessness. Interestingly, statistics suggests that 64-70 per cent of women, who have taken homeopathic treatment, clearly prefer homeopathy to other therapies. Need we say more?