Homeopathy treats lifestyle disorders effectively

Thirty-eight-year-old Savio (name changed), a legal manager, lived a sedentary way of life. He visited our clinic with high blood pressure and overweight problems. His cholesterol levels were high too. His doctor had put him on two conventional anti-hypertensive medications, along with a cholesterol-lowering drug. The two were Savio’s constant companions for over four years. He did not so much want us to address his cholesterol issue — he was rather keen that we first help him combat his high blood pressure and overweight problems. When we began to take his case-history, it was obvious that Savio’s blood pressure levels had escalated following a court case against a client who had defaulted. It was apparent that his high blood pressure and overweight problems began to advance at the same time.

We put him on the homeopathic remedy, Natrum Muriaticum, based on his presenting problems and his oft-repeated symptom, that, “I have always had too much of depression and anxiety in my gut.” After six months of treatment, Savio’s high blood pressure and overweight problems, which had troubled him for long, were better — almost under control. His cholesterol levels too reached acceptable levels in the next two months. His conventional doctor, who had an open mind, asked him to slowly taper-off his conventional medications. It has been a year now and Savio’s blood pressure and other parameters continue to remain within normal limits.

Homeopathy is mind/body, holistic medicine. It has the therapeutic ability to heal deep emotional issues as well as chronic physical illnesses. It treats the most likely or causal lifestyle stressors. Besides, it stimulates our bodily systems to regulate and maintain healthy levels of hormones and blood cholesterol. Put simply, homeopathic treatment not only helps to reduce “bad” cholesterol levels and increase “good” cholesterol levels, it also stimulates the body to heal dormant health concerns, or illnesses, or their cause, naturally.

In a double-blind randomised clinical study, two groups of people suffering from mild-to-moderate high blood pressure were enrolled. The study compared individualised homoeopathic treatment with placebo (dummy pill). Successful results were obtained in 82 per cent of patients using homoeopathy, compared with 57 per cent of those using placebo.